Today on Tuesday I am ........

06:12 Karen 6 Comments

Today I am
  • Thinking about taking this class (May with May) - will it be too messy and out of control for my liking? Please link me with a 'show and tell' if you have taken any May Flaum classes.
  • Loving little beads as butterfly's bodies on this :) Photos taken by Gracia's bestest best friend Hannah.

Done for this sketch.
  • Admiring my new floor.
  • Happy that we spent yesterday afternoon making a little craft project and side by side working on our laptops - me doing the accounts and Gracia revising and working on photos for aforementioned project. Bad lighting and I must tell that girl about slouching at her computer!
  • Thinking about a page for this.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have a new floor in the lounge.

2. Looking forward to a little adventure and the prospect of good company while on our little adventure.

3. Happy afternoons spent watching DVD's, crafting and just chilling together.

Hope your Tuesday is as good as I hope mine is going to be.



Becca said...

Really liking those sketches. Enjoy your adventure x

debs14 said...

What a thoroughly beautiful layout that is! From the graceful Gracia to the beaded butterflies - absolutely perfect.

Alison said...

Love the LO...the beaded butterfly bodies are fab! I am off to the market in the next village..I may blog about it later. Enjoy your day
Alison xx

Sian said...

Your floor looks fab!

I think you would like a "May" class - she usually has a very friendly forum going on too. It's good fun, very relaxed and easy going.

Sandra said...

Sounds like the perfect day :) .... such a lovely layout.

Loving the flooring by the way, not surprised you're standing and admiring it a lot :)

Denise said...

Don't hesitate to do May's class Karen.I've done a few of hers and they are brilliant. You don't have to get messy if you don't want to Lovely layout and the beaded bodies.x