Well it's not so bad ..............................

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................................ being the parents of an 18 year old.

Gracia has had a weekend of celebrations for her birthday and she said in good old Mary Poppins style that it was "Practically perfect in every way".

It all started with getting up and opening her presents, we bought her some pearls but her main one from us has yet to be purchased as it is a Eurorail ticket for her summer travels.

She will hate me for saying this but I love that she only looks about 12 when she isn't wearing any make up!

Then off to breakfast at the local 'posh' department store, not our usual Sainbury's breakfast for this girl today.

A little shopping and trying on of hats in town.

Picking up her two best friends

for a picnic lunch and

afternoon of fun and frivolity at home.

Getting Josh from work and yet more presents.

Going to the Noodle Bar

for a delicious dinner.

Then off with Josh to go clubbing for the first time :) and having her first alcoholic drink - Malibu and coke :o0 (I'm not sure about that one). AND no photos that she is prepared to share from then!

Home to sleep for a few hours.

Up in time to fetch Josh for a day out.

Walking to Flatford Mill.

Another picnic lunch (food seems to feature in this post quite a lot)!

Rowing along the river.

I was very impressed when Josh said "Hey Karen, you can scrap a photo of us kissing in the boat and call it Canoe-dling"!

Walking back to Dedham.

Home for a tea of pizza and birthday cupcakes.

Gracia doesn't like icing or buttercream so they were covered and filled with chocolate spread and dipped in sprinkles with the icing roses she requested on top.

I think you will all agree that yes, it was 'Practically perfect in every way'.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We made the birthday girl happy.

2. The sun has shone all weekend.

3. Managing to fit in the 6.00pm Easter Service during a very hectic weekend.



What a great way to spend a birthday weekend! The photos are great and I feel like I celebrated right along with you. :o) You're right, she does look really young without makeup, in fact I notice that in some of the photos she looks like a little girl, but somehow she looks older in the photos with Josh. Glad you had such a great weekend. xo

Sue Jones said...

Wow Karen, love those cupcakes. And you have to do the canoodling Layout LOL! Go too quick doesn't it!?

scrappyjacky said...

It looks like the perfect birthday....some lovely presents.....lots of food....great company.....and malibu and coke [my drink of choice as well]!!

Denise said...

What a lovely time she has had - all the lovely things one after the other.I just love the 'canoedling layout idea - look forward to that one ! and those cupcakes and roses are beautiful.You must be very proud of your lovely daughter x x

Alison said...

What a lovely Birthday Gracia has had..you have taken some wonderful photographs! Glad you enjoyed it too
Alison xx

Sandie said...

Looks like you did your girl proud!
Belated happy Easter & thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Lizzie said...

That sounds /looks like a wonderful weekend. No wonder Grazia was happy... birthday picnics, dinner out, clubbing, boating (and "canoe-dling"!).
Was that really her first alcoholic drink? That was veeeery restrained of her, if so! Even I had a G&T (with much Tonic and v. little Gin!) when I was about 14. Only the one, and very, very rarely... and a martini on occasion (diluted with lots of lemonade!). But I've never been one for alcohol -in fact I can't really drink it at all now, as it makes me fall asleep!
So glad your lovely girl had a great birthday weekend - and you too!