Another Challenge from Amy

08:04 Karen 13 Comments

Amy has set another scrappy task over on her blog. This time she was inspired by an old copy of Simple Scrapbooks (this is an enigma to me as I am sure there is no such thing as 'simple' scrapbooking) and challenged her blog followers to take 5 photographs of things that wouldn't be there in 5 years time. I changed it about a bit and some of my photographs are of things that I think might have changed in 5 years time.

So I took the photos yesterday and then decided to make a layout inspired by the magazine cover. The only problem is that I definitely, under no circumstances do Simple Scrapbooking. I struggled with the the concept of less is more. I originally made the page with just the three buttons on the top left corner of the photograph, as in the layout on the magazine cover but this morning gave in and added two more clusters of buttons ;-). So there we have it yet another page inspired by Amy.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's the half term holiday and as today is a non-pupil day I am off for the next 10 days.

2. Blogs that inspire me.

3. The prospect of going into town to purchase some awesome fabric to make a 'Glinda' dress (for the school production of The Wizard of Oz). I am soooooo excited about this one as the last dress making I did was Gracia's prom dress over 2 years ago.



Amy said...

That was a great idea to scrap about change rather than something not being around any more! And, a very clever idea to use the cover of the mag as inspiration - the good thing is, this prompt can be scrapped or blogger however you like!

Sian said...

Oh, lovely! Yes, I will be changing it around a bit too - I found the idea of things not being around a bit melancholy. i think that's because it's exam time and in 5 years both of mine will be finished. I'm trying hard to hang onto the now!

I love the magazine cover idea.

humel said...

Love this and your other responses to Amy's challenges :)

And I just got your comment on my blog - how funny that we're visiting each other at the same time!

scrappyjacky said...

I like the way you've 'changed' the challenge....a great perspective to look at it from....and a lovely page made.
I am in total sympathy with your lack of understanding for the idea of 'simple scrapbooking'!!

Ruth said...

Everyone has already said what I was going to say ... love how you've adapted Amy's challenge.

debs14 said...

I'm trying not to think about the five years time business owing to the fact that in five years time my daughter will be 30 and that will make ME very old indeed! Love the layout you have done, you need to make sure you get this out in 5 years time and see how your predictions have gone.

Denise said...

I also love the way you have changed the challenge around, lovely layout as always.I totally agree with you about 'simple scrapbooking' too and can't wait to see your Glinda dress

Alison said...

Love that you've managed to make a LO from Amy's challenge....I'm looking at it from the point of view of things that(hopefully!)will change in five years too
Alison xx

Bubbles said...

The only thing I'd like not to be around in five years time (or even a years time if I could *lol*) is my flabby bits hehehe... but no way wold I ever photograph them first ! *lol*

Cheryl said...

I love your LO what a great idea to scrap about things that will change x

Just lovely idea to scrap about change!!!!!
I love evrything in your blog..all your pages are so great and the details are gorgeus!!
I´m follower now.
have a wonderful week!!!
Kisses and huges from Brazil

Beverly said...

Great interpretation of the challenge. I got stuck on things that would no longer be around and they all made me very sad so I had to pass on the challenge. I should have been more creative like you :)

Unknown said...

Great take on the challenge and good job putting together a page as well.