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I am such a busy girl at the moment - too much to do and not enough time! So as a quick blog post I will show you some little peeps at the things I can't fully reveal yet and also some of the things I can!

Yesterday, was the EK crop and we had a full house, we were lucky to welcome some new ladies who, as always because the girls are such a friendly lot, fitted in as though they had been coming for years.

The cakes of the day were blueberry muffins (not photographed as the blueberries burst everywhere) and Tropical Delight - pineapple bases with lime frosting and yellow glitter. I felt that they looked too plain so purchased some strawberry bon bons from Sainsburys, on my way to the crop and once I had popped one on to the top of each cake it made all the difference.

At the crop I was working on dt layouts for ATDML and so can only show you a little peep at those two

(one got fully finished but I changed the title when I got home and the other is on the table waiting for buttons to be sewn, butterflies to be pop dotted and journaling to be written)!

BUT - just look at this absolutely beautiful layout which was the class designed by Karen C.

How could anyone not love this? That girl has so much talent. We used the new MME Lime Twist range and with some cutting, punching,


and folding

all made variations on the class. Some ladies chose to use 3 photos as Karen had recommended but I wanted to use just one of Gracia and her two best friends. The title was perfect for the three of them off soon to unis spread far and wide.

I am going to add their names, using those gorgeous wood-grain alphas now I have photographed it.

So today I have
  • been out for a run. I am still on week 4 of the running program but feel that as long as I stick at it and eventually complete week 9, it doesn't matter how many times I repeat each week. To give myself a fair chance of going the whole way I am not moving on to the next week until I am happy. I did week 3 for 3 weeks. So today in total I run for 16 minutes. If I am honest, it is a light jog and not a run but at least I am moving and today when I weighed myself I was 4lb lighter than I thought I would be.
  • Been to do a big food shop.
  • Spent too much time surfing blogs.
I am now going to get this little secret project finished and off to it's recipient. I feel that today I can give the time and love it deserves.

Reasons to be cheerful.

1. Lovely ladies at the crop, lovely class and spending time with my two best friends chatting, laughing and for one of them teasing unmercifully. I know I am going to regret the last one big time!

2. Unexpected phone calls from friends you haven't spoken to for ages and being able to pick up the friendship where you left it.

3. My little girl is feeling better today and a big thank you to Mummy Eileen for coming to the rescue when I had left my phone at home and picking up said girlie from college and bringing her home safe and sound. Don't you just love your best friends when your they are a second mother to your daughter xxx

Wishing you the best-est of best weeks.



Denise said...

It really was a lovely day wasn't it? I'm glad I wasn't the only one who freesstyled (only a teeny bit!)
Look forward to seeing what you have been working on as they look gorgeous x

Amy said...

I know the feeling of being very busy - it is crazy over here too :-)
The crop - as always - sounds like a fantastic day, I am so impressed with your fitness regime, well done, that is a fantastic achievement!

scrappyjacky said...

The crop layouts look gorgeous...as does the muffin!!!

Coley said...


Alison said...

Glad you enjoyed your crop, Karen..looking forward to seeing what you're working on..love the balloon LO
Alison xx

Sandie said...

It was a lovely day and I enjoyed your company and the banter. You had indeed best watch out next time!
Loved your take on the layout - very apt for Gracia & her friends. And you are quite right, Karen is VERY talented and has a good eye for papers.

Cheryl said...

Ooo that muffin looks gorgeous and the crop LO's are fab x

I just love studying all of your fabulous details, Karen. From the cute ice cream cones with the pearl "cherries on top" to the lovely stitching in those hot air balloons. Awesome!

And a sweet little surprise to see my Carrie's handwriting in your post. I received your lovely puzzle piece in the mail yesterday. Thanks so much, my friend! xo