Stash Busting with Vengence!

07:03 Karen 10 Comments

This is the result of my stress induced stash clear out.

Thursday was the deadline for choosing universities and so on Wednesday Gracia was over at Josh's house while they thrashed it out, bouncing between the ones they liked!

I was getting phone calls for my opinion every 30 minutes and so to take my mind off it I decided to have a bit of a sort out.

I started at 5:30, because I was only going to have a quick tidy and finished at 11:30, having cooked and eaten a meal, and talked to Gracia numerious times on the phone in-between tidying.

At one point I was ankle deep in paper and stash!

Note my one and only Tim Holtz ink!

I threw a whole bag of papers that had been crumpled or were half used and other bits and pieces out.

But the result was that I could put my hands on everything I needed to make a card for Josh's Mum and produce said card in 15 minutes yesterday. (I forgot to take a photo before he took it home)

So, yes they are going to Newcastle and I am coming to terms with it because for them it is the best option.

Hey-Ho, we can always meet up half way for weekends and little treats.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My scrap supplies are now tidy and I can put my hands on what I want, when I want, for the time being!

2. I am going to the little crop tomorrow to work on Amy's wedding album and have a consignment of lovliness winging it's way to me from ATDML.

3. Newcastle is not at the end of the earth!



scrappyjacky said...

And we have a friend whose son is at Newcastle....and loves it!!
Mega clear outs are quite exhilirating, aren't they?

Amy said...

My siblings and I all had to move a long way from our parents to attend university - it is hard but I think we are all confident and resilient people beacuse of it ... not to mention very close! :-)

Sian said...

Yep, my family all spread far and wide to university. And I know my two will go away - their school is right beside the university here and they don't want to move next door. That would be no fun. I still have to get my head round it too.

I bet they'll love it.

Cheri said...

Such a lovely stash!

Lizzie said...

No, Newcastle isn't the end of the earth, but I'm sure it may feel a bit like that to begin with (for both of you!).
Newcastle is a good uni, with decent courses and great facilities. I walked past some of the buildings, when we were up there - it's a nice place to be. The city has been so improved and changed over the past couple of decades - it's almost a totally different place to when I first went there!
Such an adventure for you all. I'm sure you'll enjoy parts of it very much (maybe not the piles of washing she may bring home - make her do it herself!!), even if you miss Grazia while she's away.

I am very impressed by the stash-busting session. Imagine being able to find everything... it hasn't been like that here since the Great Studio Disaster... and even then it had only been "tidy" for a relatively short period before then! Which reminds me - I must order my new storage cupboard - thanks for the memory-jog!

Jo.C said...

Newcastle is a fantastic place to be a student and people are really friendly. It has really been improved over the past few years - they will have a ball. Lots for you to do there as well when you visit :0)

debs14 said...

Tough being a Mum some times isn't it?! But Easyjet do cheap flights up to Newcastle (my daughter's friend goes 'home' up north once a month!) They are the ones who will be spending 3 years of their lives there so it has to be their decision!
Looks like you were extremely busy! I'm very impressed.

Bubbles said...

You know you've done a brilliant job of raising your kids when they leave home with maturity and sense... and you've obviously been a fantastic mum! Newcastle isn't far - nowhere is very far these days, and you'll always be on the phone too :)

Sounds really mean, but I'm just waiting for my wonderful son (he really is a lovely son) to leave home (he's 24!) so his bedroom will then become my craftroom THEN I'll have an excuse to thoroughly go through my stash'n'stuff :)

Alison said...

Newcastle is a great place...we lived in Whitley Bay for 12 years before moving here and DD went to school in Newcastle-she still considers it home. I'm sure you will enjoy visiting there
Alison xx

Denise said...

It's funny 'cos whenever I'm stressed I always go into 'tidy out' mode.
It does make you feel good when it's all done and you can find things easily.
Newcastle isn't the end of the world and at least you know she will be with him.x