Well, how quick is quick?

21:52 Karen 7 Comments

Quick is taking a photo this morning, then printing it out and scrapping it in less than 60 minutes. This has amazed me on so many fronts because I can go to a crop lasting 6 hours and if I am very lucky will have made 2 pages. I like to faff about and add and add and then add some more!

Amy from 'Over At Our Place' threw down the gauntlet with this post. So, not one to resist any sort of challenge I duly took a photo of Gracia this morning. Then as soon as I got home this evening I pulled out some coordinating WAMK papers and made the page. It would have been even quicker if I hadn't had to cut out the flowers to pop dot at the bottom of the page but you all know me - I cannot do plain and simple, it has to have some sort of lumpiness about it, some flowers and maybe some bling.

Oh my word I have forgotten to put any bling on it and the centers of those flowers look perfect for blinging up. We all know what I am going to be doing as soon as I finish typing up this blog post ;o)

Blog amendment - 20/05/2011
Bling now added and I am happy!

So I stuck fairly rigidly to the template/sketch but gave it a bit of a 'Karen' twist.Pop on over to Amy's blog and have a go and next Wednesday she has promised to show all the variations that have been made using her template.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. That I have discovered that it doesn't have to take several hours to make a page - I can make one in under an hour.

2. Scrapping the moment is a fantastic way of remembering the little things. Thank you Amy.

3. The Zumba class this evening was awesome.



scrappyjacky said...

Love the page,Karen...and I'm like you....just can't do simple...have to keep adding and adding!!

Amy said...

Ooh well done - you do quick so very well! I don't think it matters how you do a page, just as long as you enjoy the process and get the story told - and this is a great one to have recorded! :-)

Sian said...

That is fast work indeed! I know where you are coming from - I dawdle over my pages all the time.

Well done, Karen! I love your version of Amy's challenge. :o)

Alison said...

Love that you went back and added the bling! Great page Karen
Alison xx

Rhona said...

This is a great layout Karen, it's amazing how quickly we can make a page when we want to :) xx

Bubbles said...

You can do TWO layouts in a 6hr crop...?!? Wow... it takes me at least a day to do one layout :(
This one in a hour is amazing - it looks so detailed - and yes, the bling is brilliant! :)