With a little help from my friend! (Well Gracia really)

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With Amy's 'scrapping the moment' post still fresh in my mind and inspired by the current sketch on Once Upon A Sketch, I knew that I had to scrap parts of a conversation I had with Gracia on Friday evening.

As I have probably said, many times before, she openly admits to be a 'geek' she wears a t-shirt that proclaims 'I Love Geeks' and the subjects she studies at 6th Form are quite geeky ( 3 sciences and maths).

I went to pick her up from Josh's home and they were messing about as she got in the car. I remarked on how they both fool around and that Josh seems to have become as crazy as she is (a family trait inherited from both parents I'm afraid). The conversation that followed had me laughing so much that I was a danger driving back home.

After taking this photo I realised I had missed a t from the end of the word thought, now rectified.

The journaling reads

I am so glad that you have found someone who appreciates your geekiness. He likes it when you sing the periodic table to him, says that Chemistry is so boron, you say to him that he is the substrate to your enzyme and when I said that I thought some of your craziness had rubbed off on him you said that it was through horizontal gene transference.

An awful lot of what you say to each other goes over my head but what is obvious to me is that you are a pair of Cheeky Geeks and very much in love.

Now, I was working on this page when I picked the kids up from work yesterday and it was still on the table when they got home. I wanted to use some sort of embellishment that reflected the subject and decided to print out a periodic table and punch out the elements for decoration. I had chosen the ones along the bottom because I liked the colours, Gracia insisted I changed some of the because I hadn't included her favorite elements (who has favorite elements?) So I had to add Ag and pb. The B on the punched tab represents Boron.

She also spotted a set of stickers, one of which said 'I am inspired by ........' and said "You could use this mum and put on it 'We are inspired by Einstein!' instead." All the while that Gracia was making suggestions, punching out her favorite elements for me to use etc, Josh was reeling off Chemistry puns and jokes most of which I didn't understand but had Gracia in fits of laughter!

So a big thank you to Amy who has inspired me to make 2 'In the Moment' pages this week and also to Gracia for her help in choosing which elements to use, suggesting the use of the sticker, the funny conversations we have but most of all for embracing her inner Geekiness and running with it.

If you want to know which papers I have used pop over to the ATDML blog and read my post there.
Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The new stairs are in (photos to follow at a later date).

2. A bonus day of scrapping because I couldn't go into the lounge as the stairs were being fitted, couldn't go upstairs because there were no stairs so the only place I could go was the dining room/kitchen and how fortunate that that is where my scrap stash is!

3. The kids are perfectly happy who who they.



Becca said...

Great LO Karen & cute story to go with it. It is so lovely that your daughter knows who she is & what she wants, it clearly shows how proud of her you are :)

Lizzie said...

This is just such a lovely story, Karen and a wonderful scrap page to go with it. Made me smile so much. Love those Elements all over the page. We have our own little Geek here at home, who would love their chemistry jokes and join in the Bunsen Burner Song with pleasure!

Rhona said...

I love this story because my younger daughter also considers herself a geek and is proud of it! Now she just needs to meet her Josh one day,who'll "get her" :)
Thanks for sharing this. x

Rossella said...

Very nice this page! Thanks to play with us on Once Upon A Sketch!

Sian said...

What an absolutely perfect "in the moment" page. Very funny too, in years to come this is one of those layouts you will be so glad you made, I bet.

debs14 said...

They can 'sing' the periodic table?! Your pages and journalling show just how much fun these Cheeky Geeks have together!

Irma said...

fun photos and a great page to match them!
Thanks for playing with us at Once Upon a Sketch!

Pardon me if I say so, but she is ONE good looking "geek"...LOL! How absolutely gorgeous that you journalled about this. I Love that you have written an everyday story and captured a time in her life! GORGEOUS papers, and GORGEOUS layout. Well done. Thank you for playing along with us at OUAS! Thank you also for sharing your reasons to be thankful...:o)

PERFECT! Your ability to capture the typical and make it look amazing is so inspiring, Karen. Another great layout! xo

sandi said...

Oh this is really cute and upbeat! Love the look of that yellow background pp...perfect!

Denise said...

What an absolutely lovely story and your layouts are always so inspiring..Your title'Cheeky Geeks' is great x

Ella Swan said...

I love this Karen - it is a true scrapbook layout -story & all! Thanks so much for sharing it at Once Upon a...Sketch!

Alison said...

What a great LO Karen..love the journalling and all those scientific elements!
Alison xx

alexa said...

How wonderful! Both the page and your DD and friend - and how special to have found someone who shares her interests. :) I can still remember the day my DD was thrilled to find someone else who liked listening to Radio 4!

Linda said...

Love love love that story Karen! Well done for getting it scrapped:)(It takes me back to my geeky days in 6th form!)

Such an adorable page and story. love that you journaled about it. I am sure she was very pleased!!
They look like a sweet couple..:_)

What a sweet page, both with the cute photos and lovely details. Great work :-)

Fantastic layout with gorgeous details!! Love the candid photos and the story. Thanks for joining in with us at OUAS