In Conversation with Kiera.

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Another challenge from the SAG blog.

This time is was to journal using a conversation. I often wonder what Kiera is thinking when we go for a walk so imagined how a conversation with her would go.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Looking forward to dinner with 3 girlfriends tonight.

2. Having my girl home to do stuff with.

3. Finding a solution to a problem costume for the school play that will save me so much time.



It's Christmas!

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Yesterday, it was Christmas! My mad Kiwi friend Mel invited a couple of us over to her house for a Midsummer Christmas.

The plan was that we would have lunch (delicious), eat Hershey's Kisses (double delicious - a first for me and I hope it won't be a last) and finish our Christmas projects (failed yet again).

Although, I did manage to get all the photos in, 6 lots of journaling spots written and stuck in and a new enthusiasm for getting the project finished. I only have 11 more pages to journal plus the end page, numbers to make and stick onto 17 pages and 17 pages to add a little more bits and bobs to. I feel that I can get this project finished so a big thank you to Mel for giving me the boost I needed to get back onto this. I fully intend to leave it in an accessible place so that I can do a little here and there when time permits.

Also while I was at Mel's she loaned me her three little bundles (one is maybe not so little) of gorgeousness to photo for Module 2 of the Beautiful People photography course. I will email Mel the photos and if she is ok with me putting them on my blog will post them later in the week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A very busy but wonderful weekend.

2. Spending the afternoon with friends and lovely well behaved, polite and funny children.

3. Gracia has lots of time to just chill out with me and get back to the fun times we had before the dreaded exams. I am not sure if this is good or bad as it will make her going away all the more poignant.

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful week xxx



It's as simple as it gets! May The World Be Your Oyster

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One of my lovely blog friends, Amy, is part of a new challenge blog. All the ladies lament the demise of Simple Scrapbooking magazine and decided to set up a blog encouraging scrapping the moment in a simple way. It's called Simple Aussie Girls.

Their first challenge went up a little while ago and I have finally found the time to make a page for it.

Although I didn't think I would like the finished result - far too simple for my style, I really do. I like the fact that I made it with scraps I had in a 'baggie' left over from another project which meant that there was no need to go delving in my stash for papers.

I love that the sketch had room for lots of journaling and on my journaling I talked about the happenings of the day and the near future.

'Today you both finished your final A level exam and a whole new chapter of your lives is beginning.

This evening you are both out with your respective friends, comfortable in each other's company and comfortable enough to go out separately. In two weeks you embark on your travels around Europe for 5 weeks and then a few short weeks later you are both off to Newcastle to begin your degrees.

We will miss you both, remember to stay safe, look after each other and have lots of fun.'

BUT what I loved most was that I was able to complete the page in 45 minutes - a record for me, the girl who takes anything up to 5 hours to make one layout! So I am going to keep a keen eye on this blog and try to join in and scrap the moment. I like lots of journaling on my pages that tell a story and this challenge blog is, surprisingly, right up my street!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The dreaded A Levels are now over and Gracia is quite confident in all but her maths one.

2. My girl has finally found a life other than studying and was out 'clubbing' till the early hours this morning.

3. She is making the most of what time she has left with her best girls, until they all go separate ways in October.



Beautiful People

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Some people are beautiful outside, some are beautiful inside and some are beautiful both inside and outside. My beautiful friend Eileen gifted me an online photography course called Beautiful People and this is my favourite photo from module one.

Another person who is beautiful inside and out ........................................................ the very gorgeous Gracia!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have beautiful friends.

2. By this time tomorrow my beautiful daughter will have finished all her A Levels.

3. It is almost the beautiful weekend!



The One For Sandie's Blogaversary xxx

00:01 Karen 8 Comments

Happy Blogaversary to you Sandie!

I am really pleased to be part of this blog hop as Sandie is one of my fairly recent crafting friends.

We met through the Eclectic Keepsake crop and it is always a pleasure to spend time with her when we are both there. We always find something to laugh about, especially if Jill is about to join in and I am always amazed and in awe of the crafty creations that Sandie makes. I love her layouts because on each and every one of them her love for her family, especially her granddaughters shines out.

My celebratory contribution is a very quick hybrid card made for my BIL's birthday later this month (thank you Sandie as I now have it ready and there will be no rushing about at the last minute).

The letter you need to collect is the letter (i).

So if you have finished reading this post why don't you hop along to Moira's blog to check out her celebratorary craftiness.

1. Sandie:

2. Ann:

3. Louise:

4. Angela:

5. Laurie:

6. Karen:

7. Moira:

8. Deb:

9. Alexa:

10. Den:

11. Lynn:

12. Ruth:

An additional note to those of you who read my post from yesterday - when I got back from Sainsbury's the kids had altered the wallpaper on my laptop to a picture of a hammock!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. People like Sandie who are both lovely and talented.

2. The kids have a sense of humor, even if I consider it to be very warped!

3. My ribs don't ache as much as they did yesterday morning.



From Garden Centre to Walk in Centre!

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Anyone who knows our family will know that we are as mad as a box of frogs. That being the case perhaps we should not have been allowed into the local garden center, yesterday.

As the kids have been studying so hard for their exams David decided to take us all for a cup of tea and a cake at the local garden centre. We haven't been there for ages and it had changed quite a bit. We decided to have a bit of a look round to start with and duly admired the garden furniture, plants and various other bits and pieces.

Then Gracia spotted some hammocks. We both tried them out - Gracia promptly fell out of hers amid fits of giggles and when I was in mine it started to list perilously! I asked David to help me and he thought it would be so funny to spin it over and tip me out. Yes it would have been if I hadn't landed on my camera which was in my bag - result camera ok and after a night in lots of pain and a trip to the Walk In Centre this morning I am ok too and just have saverely brused ribs and not a cracked one as I had suspected. Will this stop us fooling around when we are out? I DON'T THINK SO!

On to more interesting things - the ATDML Cyber Crop. I can reveal all the projects I have made for this as they are now all live.

First up was a challenge to make some tags and use them on a project.

Then a class to make a little mini book.

Next a challenge to use lots of journaling on a layout

and finally another class, but this time a layout with paper flowers.

So I am really cross that so far this weekend life has gotten in the way of me doing anything for the cyber crop and this afternoon I have to finish the Glinda dress I am making and prepare stuff for my Rainbows tomorrow but I am determined to at least make a page for Karen's sketch challenge.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My girl has chosen such a nice boy - yesterday he carried in my food shopping and then put all the frozen food away, without being asked!

2. My rib is only bruised and not cracked.

3. As a family we find something to laugh at every place we go.



Another Lovely Day

07:46 Karen 7 Comments

Yesterday, was our crop day and what a lovely day it was. I got to sit with my best bud Eileen and also my friends Jane, Denise and Deb (in order of appearance - that sounds like I am judging them on what they were wearing! I mean in the order that they arrived) - you must read Deb's blog post it is just sooooooo funny

I know I say it every month but I really love how the crop has evolved. Karen C and I were chatting in the car park afterwards and saying how lucky we were with all the ladies who come. We commented that anyone could sit on any table and feel that they were scrapping with friends! We really don't have set places and I know that little groups of friends sit together but each little group joins in with different people each month. Also I love how new ladies are instantly welcomed into the fold and made to feel at home. So to any of the crop ladies reading this a big THANK YOU for making our crop so

Now on to scrappy things.

First the cupcakes of the day were vanilla truffle (I made the truffles from an old recipe given to me by a friend that was in a cook book that belonged to her mother)

and orange.

I tried each variety, more than once, and can vouch that they were very good!

Then on to scrapping. As usual I spent 80% of the day chatting and only 20% actually doing anything remotely craft orientated. I managed to finish 1 layout and start cutting out some trees for another. This is the one I finished.

I have to admit that all I had to do was a bit of doodling round the patterned papers, stick the flowers and photo down,

sew on the buttons and journal on the card. Those few things took me until 2pm!

We had a fantastic class, using Emma's Shoppe papers, designed and taught by Mel Hand from ATDML. More about this later - maybe today, if not tomorrow.

Finally, as Ann, Mel and Karen were at the crop and we were talking about the cyber crop next weekend I thought I would remind you and give you some sneaky peeks of the classes and challenges I have done.

First up is a lo for challenge No. 1

Then my first class is a mini book using Bo Bunny Vicki B

or Bo Bunny Ad Lib.

Then I have made a page for Challenge 5 using Echo Park Springtime.

Finally, I have another class using Cosmo Cricket Social Club

More little tasters of cyber crop things to come from the ATDML design team.

So clear the decks, stock up the freezer and come and join us next weekend.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A lovely day spent with lovely friends.

2. How good it will feel once I have cleared the house up this morning.

3. Gracia only has 6 more exams left to do and then peace and harmony will reign once again over our little household.



A Boy's Dream

07:14 Karen 25 Comments

When I first met David, we were both 28 and knew where we were going and what we wanted. I very soon loved him, anyone who has ever met him would have to say what's not to love?

But my boy had a dream. His dream was to build his own car. Now, along with his brother, he owns a garage - not the sort that sells fuel but the sort that fixes cars. His garage is in a very small village and he works extremely hard, usually from 8am to 6pm. They are both good men, will mend anything that is brought in and will willingly close up the garage to go sort out any problems that the elderly residents of the village have, even something as small as changing a fuse and expect no payment in return for their lost time.
This is not David's car but one similar I found a photo of.

When we met he had several vintage motor bikes and was building a 1940's replica car. Personally, I preferred the motor bikes and on one of our first dates he took me out on his motor bike and sidecar. On our very first date we went for a ride on his tandem - a man of many modes of transport he was in those days!

It was red, the sidecar was shaped like a bullet but I sincerely hope I didn't look like Gromit!

As we got older, bought a house and had Gracia the motor bike collection dwindled and the car was sold because we needed the funds for more mundane things.

A couple of years ago David and his brother decided to start building a Frazer Nash.

Now this car is as beautiful as the first one was as ugly. It has sleek round lines, shiny chrome and oozes style. They haven't got very far with it as they are both working on their respective houses but it is now my dream that this car gets finished and the boys can race it. It will be a fitting reward for all the hard work and sacrifices that my fantastically generous man has made. There is so much more that I can say about these sacrifices but he would be too embarrassed if he ever read about it.

So this Story Telling Sunday is a huge thank you for being blessed with the man with whom I share my life and the sacrifices he has made for

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. That David is the man he is.

2. That he had and still has a dream.

3. That he loves us enough to put his dream on hold.



They Have Taken Geekiness to a Whole New Level

22:08 Karen 6 Comments

Me to her "Have you had a good day"? Her to me "Yes we studied for most of the day but in our study break we made up a game"! Me "What was that?" She answered in all seriousness "We made a game of chemical reactions snap". I answered "Oh that sounds nice!"

Yet again, she had lost me. So to help me understand I was given a page she had made showing chemical reactions!

BUT today I was able to throw in a little information gleaned from my beautiful geek. David was talking about the ecoli outbreak in Germany and saying that it was several strains that had merged and I was able to say "That was through horizontal gene transference!" When I told Gracia that I had been able to use this phrase in a conversation she said "Wow - you go mummy". I thought to myself 'and you go my girl'.

Reason to be cheerful:-

They work hard, study hard and make their own amusement - even if no-one else understands what they do.



Just Look How Pretty It Is

10:25 Karen 11 Comments

I decided to change the look of my blog, just on a whim and look how pretty it is!

For just $3.00 from this site I brought a blog kit, customised it and after lots of help from Vicki managed to upload all the codes.

I cannot praise her help enough. I emailed her with a problem (entirely my causing) and within minutes she had emailed back offering to sort the problem and she then emailed me the code I needed. What service - second to none I would say, perhaps SAGE should take a leaf out of her book as after over 7 hours on the phone to them, not all in one go but several 1hour+ plus conversations, I still do not have the required package on my laptop.

I digress and am not going to think about things that make me cross. I am just going to gaze adoringly at my new blog!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Vicki and her fantastic blog designs.

2. Pirates of the Caribbean far exceeded the critics views of it. I loved it and am hoping to go and see it again next Wednesday!

3. My back feels much better, pulled muscle cause by my complete and utter silliness, and I am hoping to be able to Zumba tomorrow.

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