From Garden Centre to Walk in Centre!

13:05 Karen 9 Comments

Anyone who knows our family will know that we are as mad as a box of frogs. That being the case perhaps we should not have been allowed into the local garden center, yesterday.

As the kids have been studying so hard for their exams David decided to take us all for a cup of tea and a cake at the local garden centre. We haven't been there for ages and it had changed quite a bit. We decided to have a bit of a look round to start with and duly admired the garden furniture, plants and various other bits and pieces.

Then Gracia spotted some hammocks. We both tried them out - Gracia promptly fell out of hers amid fits of giggles and when I was in mine it started to list perilously! I asked David to help me and he thought it would be so funny to spin it over and tip me out. Yes it would have been if I hadn't landed on my camera which was in my bag - result camera ok and after a night in lots of pain and a trip to the Walk In Centre this morning I am ok too and just have saverely brused ribs and not a cracked one as I had suspected. Will this stop us fooling around when we are out? I DON'T THINK SO!

On to more interesting things - the ATDML Cyber Crop. I can reveal all the projects I have made for this as they are now all live.

First up was a challenge to make some tags and use them on a project.

Then a class to make a little mini book.

Next a challenge to use lots of journaling on a layout

and finally another class, but this time a layout with paper flowers.

So I am really cross that so far this weekend life has gotten in the way of me doing anything for the cyber crop and this afternoon I have to finish the Glinda dress I am making and prepare stuff for my Rainbows tomorrow but I am determined to at least make a page for Karen's sketch challenge.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My girl has chosen such a nice boy - yesterday he carried in my food shopping and then put all the frozen food away, without being asked!

2. My rib is only bruised and not cracked.

3. As a family we find something to laugh at every place we go.



Sue said...

Really Beautiful darling..not sure i will get chance to do them all this weekend..but have saved them all as i love them so much!

I love the fun you guys have as a family, Karen. :o) {Sorry about your rib...does it hurt when you laugh?}

Your projects are so beautiful, as usual. And I LOVE the layout with the tags! The colors, photos, design...everything about it.

Enjoy your Father's Day with your family, my friend! xo

scrappyjacky said...

Such beautiful projects, always. Glad to hear the injury wasn't more serious!!!

Sian said...

Ooh, I'm glad to hear that you are okay! I had to tell Uncle Dave and TTO to stop mucking about in TK Maxx the other day - I thought we were going to get thrown out! It's always lovely to see a family having fun together when they are out on a trip.

Karen, your projects are beautiful. There is always so much to look at - and I especially love the challenge about adding in all the journalling

Rhona said...

Glad to hear you didn't have a broken rib and hope it stops hurting too much soon :)
Beautiful layouts and I really like the pink and greens you've used in your layout xx

Ruth said...

Gorgeous LOs, as always, especially the tag one. Glad to hear that you're not seriously hurt ...

Denise said...

I can just imagine you three in the garden centre- sorry that you have an injury though and I hope it soon feels much better.I'm really enjoying the cybercrop and love everyone of your lovely projects x

humel said...

Oh no - your poor ribs!

You are going to scrapbook that story though, right? As beautifully as you've scrapbooked the others here? xx

Kathy Rogers said...

Hi Karen,

I wante you to know I have used your layout again and given you credit for this lovely idea.