It's Christmas!

06:00 Karen 6 Comments

Yesterday, it was Christmas! My mad Kiwi friend Mel invited a couple of us over to her house for a Midsummer Christmas.

The plan was that we would have lunch (delicious), eat Hershey's Kisses (double delicious - a first for me and I hope it won't be a last) and finish our Christmas projects (failed yet again).

Although, I did manage to get all the photos in, 6 lots of journaling spots written and stuck in and a new enthusiasm for getting the project finished. I only have 11 more pages to journal plus the end page, numbers to make and stick onto 17 pages and 17 pages to add a little more bits and bobs to. I feel that I can get this project finished so a big thank you to Mel for giving me the boost I needed to get back onto this. I fully intend to leave it in an accessible place so that I can do a little here and there when time permits.

Also while I was at Mel's she loaned me her three little bundles (one is maybe not so little) of gorgeousness to photo for Module 2 of the Beautiful People photography course. I will email Mel the photos and if she is ok with me putting them on my blog will post them later in the week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A very busy but wonderful weekend.

2. Spending the afternoon with friends and lovely well behaved, polite and funny children.

3. Gracia has lots of time to just chill out with me and get back to the fun times we had before the dreaded exams. I am not sure if this is good or bad as it will make her going away all the more poignant.

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful week xxx



scrappyjacky said...

This sounds like a great way to get some christmas projects worked on.

Sandra said...

What fun, did you all wish each other merry Christmas, and was there mulled wine lol

Sian said...

That's the maddest thing I've heard in ages - love it!

Mel said...

Thank you for saying my kids are well behaved, and also thank you for the fun afternoon. xx

Alison said...

My sister lives in NZ and has told me about this practice of Christmas in June..sounds like you had fun!
Alison xx

humel said...

That does sound fun :) We celebrated 'Australian Christmas' one summer!

PS During my decluttering I've found so many published layouts by you! Including that you were a runner-up in Scrapbooker of the Year, right? Yay! I've kept all those pages xx