They Have Taken Geekiness to a Whole New Level

22:08 Karen 6 Comments

Me to her "Have you had a good day"? Her to me "Yes we studied for most of the day but in our study break we made up a game"! Me "What was that?" She answered in all seriousness "We made a game of chemical reactions snap". I answered "Oh that sounds nice!"

Yet again, she had lost me. So to help me understand I was given a page she had made showing chemical reactions!

BUT today I was able to throw in a little information gleaned from my beautiful geek. David was talking about the ecoli outbreak in Germany and saying that it was several strains that had merged and I was able to say "That was through horizontal gene transference!" When I told Gracia that I had been able to use this phrase in a conversation she said "Wow - you go mummy". I thought to myself 'and you go my girl'.

Reason to be cheerful:-

They work hard, study hard and make their own amusement - even if no-one else understands what they do.



Cheri said...

anything that helps them remember is good - geeks rule!

Sian said...

Sounds like something my daughter would say. She has just turned 13 and her scientific knowledge left me behind years ago

Alison said...

They sound perfectly happy with who they are!
Alison xx

Jo.C said...

I'm very impressed with this - a budding scientist on your hands I think :0)

Sandie said...

I like your new blog look!

Sue said...

Ha Ha They are great!