An Adventurous Moment

16:00 Karen 5 Comments

I am on to day 2 of the Explore class (most people are on day 3 but as we all know I like to be different). So what has Shimelle in store for us today?

A bit of a tricky one this - "What moment in your life felt your most adventurous?" I immediately knew the moment but was unsure if I could share the reasons why I was unsure but then decided that on the whole, only nice people read and write blogs and so I ought to be brave.

Ok. I think one of the bravest and most adventurous things I have ever done is abseil down the town hall. I am really afraid of heights, cannot climb a ladder if it is too high and once had to be hauled in through a window because I had climbed up a ladder and was too afraid to climb back down. But saying that, about 10 years ago when we only had a tarpaulin on the roof and David was away, the wind blew the tarpaulin off and I went up on the roof to retie it. I only got the shakes afterwards when I thought about what I had done. I had Gracia standing in the garden with Grandma's number on speed dial in case anything untoward happened. But I digress, as usual, I had signed up to do the abseil for a charity event on an impulse and as the day drew nearer I worried that I would not be able to do it.

On the actual day I just drew a big breath and pushed myself to go over the edge. The worse thing was that, because of a ledge sticking out from the building, the rope didn't allow my feet to touch the wall properly and so I just dangled to the bottom with only my toes occasionally touching the wall.

Why, didn't I want to share this with you? Well because the abseil was on a Sunday and the Thursday before I got a phone call from my Mum to say that my Dad had suddenly died.

I drove the 200 mile journey to Shropshire in a daze and on the way made the decision that I would return on the Saturday, abseil on the Sunday and drive back to Mum on the Monday. Whenever I think about the abseiling it was my leap of faith in more ways than one.

Next question from Shimelle "When did you last write a post card? Have you received any lately?" Well I cannot remember the last time I sent a postcard but today we have to send one to ourselves with our greatest adventure on - maybe I will write something else, something personal that is happening this week and I want to remember but not share. AND finally, the 'have you received any postcards lately' question. I have to say - NOT A SINGLE ONE from our little intrepid explorer and that had better be rectified soon!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. The sun is shining and it is a glorious summer day outside.

2. The lounge has been hoovered and tidied, a load of washing done and hung out and I have found the memory stick with the children's 'Wizard of Oz' literacy work that we have been working on for the past 7 weeks - what a result for this time in the morning. (post written at 7:30am and scheduled to post at 4:00pm)

3. Only 28 more days!



Alison said...

That WAS a really brave thing to do...even without the sorrow of having your dad die just before it. Hope Gracia thinks to send you a couple of postcards...Kirsty is now in Casablanca-and I KNOW I won't get one!
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

Brave to do the abseil - extra brave considering the circumstances. And also brave to post about all this, which is so personal to you.
I am sorry about your dad - I lost my dad in 2000 and still miss him. He died just as we were finalising plans, which moved us West, to Reading. We'd have been able to pop up the motorway to visit Dad, near Bristol, as often as we liked. Up til then, I hadn't seen him very often and he was missing the fun of his small grandson.
I hope he has been watching our son grow all the same... One day I'll be able to ask him about it!

Maybe Gracia has sent you a postcard... it may just pop through that letterbox soon! I'm sure she hasn't forgotten you and I hope she is having "too much fun" as they say it in Ireland!

Sandie said...

I can relate to your abseil adventure, as that was one thing that came to my mind too. I had bottled out of an previous opportunity so next time round I was more determined. I was with a group of Brownies & told them that I was nervous but they should make me do it. Once said I was committed. And I did it.
My experience was not as brave as yours though. Under the circumstances it must have been very hard - but what an accomplishment!
By the way, I had a postcard recently from Jill. So I can add that to my book.

Becca said...

You are so brave Karen, bet your Dad was there for every brave minute of your absail. As for no postcards from your adventurous daughter I am sure that she is having too much fun, but is still thinking of you plenty :)

Sian said...

Hi Karen. I'm catching up and I'm sitting here in awe - yes, I think that was a very brave thing to do. Wow! I didn't sign up for this class, so I'm enjoying reading about the prompts - the postcard one made me smile. I usually do send a few postcards from my holidays, but I never get any back. I'm fighting a lonely battle on the postcard front!

All the very best to the holiday boy and girl. What memories they'll have!