It's not just The Girl who is off exploring!

21:05 Karen 10 Comments

With my lovely girl off exploring Europe I thought it was time for me to do some exploring of my own! I gave in at the last moment - pressed the paypal button and spent a miserly £10.00 on Shimelle's latest class. This was as a bit of a treat to myself to compensate for the fact The Girl is away and also something to look forward to doing in the summer hols.

The opening paragraph says 'Over the next four weeks, we’ll set out on a personal adventure, exploring the world around us and taking note of those surroundings in a new way. It’s about seeing those little details in a new light, changing some definitions and giving new things a try' well I'm certainly up for that and say "Bring it on Shimelle!"

So prompt one was to take a self portrait - Eeeeek, make a 'playbook' and then write a few lines about whether you have felt creative lately, if you look outside your window, do you see potential - as it is dark outside I freestyled on this answer and why you are taking the class.

I decided to make my book from 6 x 4 filing cards as they already had lines for writing on and grabbed a bunch that I had waiting to be filled, cut two pieces of card and covered them in some scrap pieces of paper, stuck my hand into my sticker draw and used the first ones that I picked up, found a parcel label and some letter stickers .

In no time at all I have my 'playbook' complete with its first entry.

How simple and easy has it been so far? (This doesn't include the trauma of taking a self portrait).

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. After a few complications, The Girl and her beau are safe and well and have reached Interlaken.

2. Looking forward to bowling with the Y6 leavers tomorrow.

3. Deciding to go exploring.



Becca said...

Glad you are doing something for you :)
Great self portrait & what a fab workbook, enjoy exploring x

Winnie said...

Great SP and a fantastic start on the playbook!

debs14 said...

That playbook is looking good already. Pleased to hear that the travellers have safely arrived, you can draw breath and relax a little until they are off again!

Alison said...

Glad you have decided to go 'exploring' too....and that your travellers are safe and well1
Alison xx

Bubbles said...

You got up at 5.40am!!!???
Wowswers. LOL

Hope you enjoy your exploring :)

Sandra said...

Your playbook looks fabulous as does your photo

Denise said...

I'm so glad you are doing this class too.Your self portrait is lovely - I haven't made my playbook yet and my adventure was so long ago I wasn't sure whether to include it or not ..x

Jo said...

Great SP and lovely workbook

5:40 am...seriously impressive! Great Playbook cover.
See you in class
Mandy McK (Moogieof4)

Mel said...

Ooooo, loving the playbook.