A little hidden surprise!

13:48 Karen 8 Comments

Does hoping to study Biomedical Science mean that you have to start experimenting by growing your own bacteria in your bedroom? A little hidden surprise found this morning! Now that could be a alcohol ink pattern that Tim Holtz would be proud of!

I also am living in hope that I can catch up with my Explore class this weekend.
Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A long telephone conversation, this morning, with my intrepid explorers.

2. Today is the start of the 6 week holiday.

3. Brie on toast for lunch.



Amy said...

If I block out what it really is, the colours are very pretty ... otherwise ... bleurgghhhh!

debs14 said...

Oh yes, she's definitely ready for uni ;-)
Going into the communal kitchen of uni halls of residence is something you only do after making sure your inoculations are up to date and you have a strong stomach. Pleased to hear that you have made contact with them, I'm sure that put a big smile on your face!

Bubbles said...

That picture so put me off thinking that brie on toast for lunch would be scrumptious! *lol*
Actually I should be used to such sights... having gone through (and still living through too) four teenagers, and their absolute refusal to bring crockery and cutlery back to the kitchen unless a minimum of two weeks have passed :)

Sian said...

Eurgh! It reminds me of the time my sister had to grow mould on purpose for a biology exam.Getting clean towels out of the hotpress turned into a health and safety issue

Tracy said...

Lol, that is pretty. My daughter once to know how long it took? I think she wants to experiment herself.

Carol Anne said...

Hey, I recognize that mold pattern! But usually its in a forgotten coffee cup at work.

Sandra said...

Ok i'm not looking, I'm not lookin lol. Although now I fancy Brie for lunch. Lol

Alison said...

When Kirsty's home I keep a close eye on the cups etc that are in her room, or I would have the matching set!! Glad you heard from the travellers
Alison xx