A little trip to the dark side.

13:06 Karen 13 Comments

It seems ages since I last dabbled in a little digi - so last night, whilst watching Shurlock Holmes (the beauty of doing a digi lo) and after a quick phone call from the kids, who had phoned up to ask us to look up directions on Google Maps, I decided to have a bash at Jessica Sprague's Template Tuesday.

So a pleasant 30 minutes later I had made the page.

You just know what is going to happen now don't you? Yep - I will have to make a paper version.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Out for supper with 3 friends from work.

2. Off for a walk with my best 4 legged girlie.

3. A few more pages of my Explore book finished today.



Gorgeous page! You're really good at the digital thing, although I"m sure it will look even better in paper (that's my bias showing through!).

Amy said...

From where I'm sitting it doesn't look all that dark .... more like luscious and light and quick and easy! ;-)

scrappyjacky said...

A gorgeous page...though I tend to ditto Maria's comments!!!

debs14 said...

double ditto Maria's comments - looking forward to seeing the paper version ;-)
Pleased to hear that Gracia is having a fantastic time, hope she is taking loads of photos for her mum to scrapbook on her return!

Cheri said...

hey all you paper people - a lot of wonderful people do wonderful things on the 'dark' side and this layout is a beautiful example! Being one who plays both sides of the fence, there are a lot of advantages to digi!

Sian said...

My view? It's beautiful enough to persuade me over to the dark side!

Bubbles said...

Beautiful! Love the pictures and the layout is so lovely.

Alison said...

It looks great...I really must dip my toes in the dark side's water someday!
Alison xx

Ah...I love this, Karen. You rock a scrapbook page like no one I've ever known - paper or digi!

Sandie said...

Lovely page, Karen. I should experiment more with digital.

Rach H said...

Gorgeous layout! I had no idea that this was digital- it is fabulous!

Linda said...

love that page Karen! I've never tried digi, I like the feel of paper, scissors and glue too much!

Cheryl said...

what a fab digi LO so looking forward to seeing the paper one x