I love days like today.

18:52 Karen 13 Comments

Today has been one of those days, you know the ones - the ones that you enjoy so much that you come home with a big smile across your chops. I got up to a tidy house. Went into my new craft room (really it is the junk room that I have sorted out and made a little me space in) and stuck down the bits that I had laid out yesterday. Was amazed that they were still where I had left them and they had not been knocked off the dining room table or pushed out of the way to make room for something else like they usually are.

Ate a leisurely breakfast and pootled off to my friend Sue's house for a lovely day of crafting. I have to say I have never been in Sue's craft space before and I am in awe. She has a cabin in the garden and it would put most small shops to shame with all the stash she has - yes you can detect a very little bit of stash envy here. We ate lots of cake and sweets. Drank tea. Had a delicious lunch, chatted lots and crafted a little. From 11.00 to 5.00 I managed to put a title onto the layout I had finished this morning and some letter stickers, a piece of paper and a photo onto another - ratio of crafting to chatting 1:1000 I think.

During our chat I confessed to being dyslectic and she said that that explained the title on one of my recent pages

it should have said swim and in fact said siwm! The first thing I did when I got home was to swap the w and i around.

Thank you so much Sue xxx

Well here is the layout I finished

- you knew I would have that photo scrapped before you could say Jack Robinson didn't you?

Look - how appropriate a pebble with a train on!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. My girl is home in 49 hours and 8 minutes xxxxx

2. Friends like Sue.

3. Having a little space to call my own.



Cheri said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Good for you!

humel said...

Hooray for happy days! I had a specially happy one yesterday myself :)

I love your layouts!! Especially the detailed border - thanks for the close-up view of that one xx

Amy said...

Oh Happy Day indeed! I love the concept of a craft/chat ratio ... I would have similar statistics I think!

scrappyjacky said...

The layout is beautiful...I just love all your flowers.
Like Amy, I think the craft/chat ratio is perfectly normal!!I'm looking forward to a craft day tomorrow.

Sian said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. That border is gorgeous - I'm another one thanking you for the closeup

debs14 said...

SIWM indeed!!! lovely layouts - both of them in their own ways. Bet you can hardly wait to get your Gracia home again!

Sandra said...

Lol do you know I think I would have kept the original title lol. Such a beautiful layout, so glad you had a fun day. Its wonderful to spend it with a crafting friend

Cheryl said...

Sounds like my type of day crafting, fun and goodies bliss x

Alison said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL LO, Karen! Glad you had a lovely, scrappy day...I'm hoping to be back 'at it' by tonight!:)
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

This sounds like the best kind of day (well, perhaps the day that a certain young lady comes home may better it just a bit....)
That scrap page is so gorgeous - all those bits & pieces, all arranged in such a fun and fab way. I do like this. It really sets of that lovely photo. One to put on the wall, I think!
I enjoyed my Scrap Club day on Sunday - same thing with the chat/scrap ratio though... Although Anita (one of the club) actually did 5 pages, which is a real record for her. I did finish the binding for a book, as well as scrapping, so I was pleased.
Enjoy your new little scrap space - it's great to have your own place to work, where your stuff doesn't get messed up. I also hanker after a garden studio, but I know I'm so lucky to have the spare room all to myself (after the dark, pokey corner of the utility room, it's palatial!)
Thanks for the very kind comment you left on my blog btw. How nice of you!

alexa said...

That's a lovely, lovely photo and page - I am in awe of your ability to make and group those flowers so effectively! Glad it was such a happy day ...

Sandie said...

Crafting with a friend is a great way to spend a day, and the chat/craft ratio made me smile. Loved your pages & all the flowers you used.

Anonymous said...

Love that page! Enjoy your new craft space.