I've Altered!

14:30 Karen 9 Comments

Well, pull up a chair and get yourself a cuppa as this may prove to be a long post!

First of all, yesterday, I made my first piece of altered art. The class was at LB Crafts and was a frame with little canvases attached with all sorts of bits and bobs on it. I love that one of my friends, no names mentioned to protect the innocent, when phoning up to book her place described it as ' A tray with nicnaks stuck on' . She fessed up to this during the drive up to Milton Keynes and I almost crashed the car from laughing so much.

The reason for our little sojourn into Bedfordshire was that Mel, who is in charge of the 'little crop' is leaving to live in New York and we decided to use the funds from the crop for a little outing. Sue arranged the class and it was a 'special' just for us.

Can you believe the state of my hands - and this was after washing them. I was really freaked by how messy I was getting and found it difficult not to go and wash every few minutes.

Well this is the finished project and I absolutely love it. I would certainly go back for another class.

We could choose to paint the frame whatever colour we wanted - I chose blue.

Then stamp on images from hundreds of stamps available and fortunately I was able to hold my breath and stamp some images, even if I managed to stamp some text upside-down! That was only the start of my mistakes.

I managed to get the gloopy glue onto the painted frame which then made a mark which I couldn't completely cover up and also I managed to drop some double sided tape onto the patterned paper we had put inside the frame and when I pulled it off it pulled off some of the paper (now covered with a strategically placed canvas)!

So here are all the girls with their frames.

Karen Alison Me Sue Liz
Christine & Mel

I also managed to do a little retail therapy at the craft shop and managed to double the number of Tim Holtz ink pads I own by buying 2 more. I also bought a few other bits and pieces so came home a very happy girl.

Also another 4 pages of my little summer project - still waiting for their photographs, this might be a little task for the EK crop on the 10th September.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. A fantastic day out learning new skills with a lovely bunch of ladies.

2. A morning of just hanging out with my best girl and a little 'window shopping' for uni stuff.

3. Looking forward to a little family outing tomorrow afternoon.



Sue Jones said...

Your "tray thingy, with bits and bobs " ;) is GORGEOUS!!! Looks like it was a wonderful class.
Love your book- i have downloaded all words but thats as far as I have got - will try to complete before I have to go back to work.

debs14 said...

Wow - you have certainly been a busy girl! Love the tray thingy, and what beautiful bits and bobs you have put on it ;-) You have also embraced some things which are out of your comfort zone - there's a lot of stamping on view!

Alison said...

Love the 'tray' and the book...sounds like a lovely weekend!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

What a wonderful piece,Karen....a real treasure to keep forever. I'd love a class like that.

Carol Anne said...

I know how you feel, getting outside of your comfort zone. Good for you for doing it. I'm still too chicken. ;^) Thanks for sharing your weekend.

Cheri said...

despite the mess and the mistakes... did you ENJOY it??? Love the finished piece. Love where your BIF album is going! Mine came to a dead standstill for the time being.

Denise said...

It looks great and I so wish I could have come. I love the shad eof blue you chose - and your BIF album is looking great x x

Bubbles said...

The album is looking amazing...
I love the colour of your hands (lol)... and the "tray thingy" too :)

Cheryl said...

What an amzing tray and a great keepsake x