Making the most of it.

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Not finding much time to blog as I am making the most of the time I have with my girl.

Ok a quick round up. First of all the main reason the kids came home on Wednesday (other than they missed us so much) was that Thursday was the day that they would find out if they had been given a place at their chosen university - the answer was YES for both of them. Also it was the day that the A Level results were published. They both did so well and we are very proud of them. Gracia got an A* for Biology (over 95%) an A for Chemistry, an A for Environmental Science (in which she did the two year course in 1 year) and a B for maths which when you take into account she totally flunked one of the papers, as she had a really bad headache the night before and hadn't fully recovered on the exam day, is exceptional. So to say I am one really proud mummy is an understatement.

I have done a little crafting in my craft room (did you notice how I got that in, I am so pleased the difference it has made, being able to pop in and do a little whenever I want).
Cheri has been blogging about this free class over on Big Picture and I decided to join in.

I only bought 4 sheets of white Bazzill and all the other things I have used I had already. I love Cheri's art journal style and think her pages are amazing. I really want to be able to do pages like hers and am hoping that
the class (class 5) I am going to on Saturday will rectify this.

So I have covered the first 4 words so far and will add photos later. I think I will change the photos, when I get round to choosing them, to black and white.

Such a lovely little project and I have really enjoyed making the pages without having to think about what photo to put on.

Well, I must go and get dressed now as I am still in my jammies and have a lunch date with a couple of girlfriends later plus a trip to the dump - I will be on first name terms with the refuse workers soon, the amount of time I have spent there this last couple of weeks.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Ladies that lunch.

2. Inspirational blog friends.

3. After a whole day working I now have a completely de-cluttered lounge and a car full of rubbish to dispose of.



Sue Jones said...

Wonderful News!! :)
Thanks for heads up on class- i have been card making all Summer and need a change XXX

Sian said...

Hurray! Congratulations to them both (and best wishes as they start on that next stage..)

Cheri said...

Your pages are beautiful Karen and I do think black and white photos would be stunning with them! I absolutely love your color choices.

And you get to take an art class with Dina Wakely???? Holy cow! That's pretty much learning direct from the master! She's also great with digital art journaling techniques too.

Alison said...

Congrats to them have every right to be a proud mum! Love the new project..and I think B&W pics will look great
Alison xx

Sandra said...

Well done to them, you have every right to be proud. I really like your project, & well done on the clear out

Jo.C said...

You have done yourself proud with this class so far. I am going to do some later in the week. Good luck with the class and enjoy it. Share with us what you do

Denise said...

I'm doing this class too and love what you have done with your words.
Many congrats to them both on their great results- they have done so well. You have every right to be a proud Mum x x

Anonymous said...

Great news! Congratulations to them both. I like the looks of the new project and think it will look super with B&W photos.

Sandie said...

So good to have your two special people home, and what wonderful news about the exam results. You deserve to be one proud and happy mummy!
I signed up for Big Picture but have done nothing with it yet. Love your pages!! I am in awe.....

Awesome news about your girl, Karen! :o) ♥

I love your book and the colors you are using! And I think it's really fun to see your take on the project compared to Cheri's. You both have such a great knack for designing pages and it's fun to see the difference in your styles. Well done!!! xo