Oh Bliss!

17:53 Karen 5 Comments

Yes that is the only way to describe my day yesterday. It was our monthly crop and I had a fabulous day with friends, crafting, chatting, laughing and putting the world to rights!

I taught the class this month and this was my example.

What I really like about teaching the class is that everyone took my design and adapted it to their own style, making it suit their photos and changing it around in different ways.

Although, I tease about freestyling my designs I love it when people do, as I only ever want mine to be a starting point and don't expect cloned copies, unless that is what the person making it wants to do. (Stepping down from my soapbox now!)

Look here if you want to see how some of the ladies rocked my class!

Also, surprisingly enough, I also managed to get three pages made too - I now know that making up page packs the day before is the way forward as I know exactly what I am going to do with my photographs and I only need to take the items necessary to make the page rather than what I usually do which is throw almost all my stash into the boot of the car and then get out what I want during the day but in fact only use a fraction of what I have brought as I have no idea what I am doing.

My first page used this sketch from Creative Scrappers.

I changed it to 8.5 x 11 instead of 12 x 12.

Second page also used a sketch but this time it was from a Becky Fleck page map

Again, I made it 8.5 x 11 rather than 12 x 12.

And my third page celebrated the removal of Gracia's braces after nearly 4 years of treatment. Don't get me started on how crooked her teeth were to start with, needless to say they are perfect now.

I shall always be grateful to Mr Howe for his dedication and patience in correcting, what he called " The most higgilty pigilty teeth I have ever seen!"

So that was my blissful day, I hope your weekend was just as good.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The lovely ladies who I get to crop with.

2. My best bud is back from her hols, safe and well, and I only have 10 more days until my best girlie is back too.

2. Making a start on the absolute pigsty we call the spare room!



Sandie said...

Five pages created - you were on a roll! Sounds like I missed a good day :(

Cheryl said...

lovely pages you were busy well done you x

Alison said...

Great pages Karen...love your example for the crop-so summery-unlike the weather!
Alison xx

We share the same soapbox with regard to copies/cloning of kits. It's one of the reasons I don't care for taking a class where the teacher expects the students to make the exact project. I do love the out-of-the-box world I live in. ;o)

Great layouts, Karen!

humel said...

Fabulous layouts, Karen! And hooray for straight teeth :) I had THE higglediest pigglediest teeth ever (I don't see how Gracia's could have been worse than mine, seriously) and while they're not all that straight now (thanks to my own stupidity when it got to the last stage with the removable brace) they're miles better than they were. Which is a complete tangent! But I'm very pleased for Gracia :)