Round 2

19:34 Karen 6 Comments

A quick post with round 2 of Rinda's photo scavenger hunt

A castle - Colchester Castle.

My nations flag - on the town hall

A cemetery of historical significance or with an interesting story. William Gilberd is buried here. Dr William Gilberd, the "father of electricity" and medical advisor to Queen Elizabeth I.

and finally

A rooster - I forgot, until this morning, that I had a cushion on my sofa with a rooster on!

Reason to be cheerful:

Just look how healthy and happy my girl looks in this photo taken, in Austria, last week. She is home in 3 days and I can hardly wait!



Cheri said...

Your girl looks absolutely gorgeous. i know you'll be happy to have her home!

Alison said...

Only three days...and she looks great!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

Doing well with the scavenger hunt!
You'll be so pleased to have her home and sh's looking great.

Amy said...

Well done on the scavenger hunt items - you have done really well Karen! Wooohoooo, three days - won't be long!

Sian said...

She looks like she is having a wonderful time! You are doing well with the hunt - that's an interesting grave you found

Fantastic - although the favorite of the lot is definitely your daughter. She looks so radiant.