LSNED 2011

08:45 Karen 6 Comments

I have finally gotten around to sorting out my LSNED 2011. I wanted to make this project so much this year because September is going to see so many changes and I really wanted to document them.

So yesterday, after getting back from a sleepover with my Rainbow pack - that's a tale for another day, I decided how best I could make the book so that it was something I liked but also a project that I could complete each page in under 10 minutes each day. I decided to cut out all the 'bits and bobs' on the Craft Robo and so have cut out 30 label shapes in cream and brown, 30 scalloped circles in green, and a variety of butterflies, stars and flowers in orange, blue and pink and punched 30 green scalloped strips and now only have to ink the lot.

I cut pages from a sketch pad to the size I want and have used a digital template for the photo and journaling. All I will have to do each day is drop the photo into the template, add a little journaling, print it out and assemble the page - a manageable project I think - a little bit of digi and a little bit of cutting and sticking.

I am going to make sure the photo spans the whole pages for the rest of the book as I am unhappy with the gap on either side. I know I will have to reprint that photo and replace it as it is annoying me that it has an empty space both sides!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I have a means to finish this project with very little input each day.

2. I have taken a piriton tablet and know that my 109038474384838 insect bites from the weekend will stop itching again soon (ok maybe I exaggerated a little on the number of bites I have, but it certainly feels like that many).

3. A walk to the woods and lunch with my fabulous Gracie girl.

Have a fabulous week. xxx



Sian said...

Reasons to be cheerful - I have just found the antihistamine cream and rubbed it on my nettle sting from my blackberrying yesterday :)

I'm making tags cut with my Slice. Small is definitely the way to go with this project, I think you are right.

Amy said...

I'd say it sounds like you have an excellent plan for the remainder of LSNED!

Cheri said...

What a cute little page and how wonderful that the rest of it is already planned out and ready to go! Maybe I could do it if I could come up with a plan...

Alison said...

Love the sound (and look )of the direction you've decided to go in!
Alison xx

Denise said...

You are very organised,I'm doing 8 x 8 this year and keeping up so far!Love what you've done so far x

debs14 said...

I definitely think that a daily project needs to be small and simple to put together. Yours is beautiful and I can't wait to see more of your pages.