A Quik Catch Up.

12:25 Karen 10 Comments

After a busy and exciting week, I have finally found the time to photograph and blog LSNED nos 8 to 14.

On the 8th I was very appreciative of a cup of tea and a chat with my best bud.

The 9th showed me some very beautiful but unplanned scenery.

I tried a little experimenting with my cupcake icing on the 10th.

Appreciating going to church with Gracia was the order of the day for the 11th.

The 12th found me encouraging my Rainbow pack to make fake passports (don't tell the authorities or we may be arrested).

Poor Gracia was studying hard for her UKCAT exam on the 13th. UKCAT - United Kingdom Clinical Appitude Test, so that she can take a medical degree if she chooses.

The 14th found me Googling for a new recipe to cook for a couple of girl friends who were coming to dinner on the 15th.

So I am almost up to date - I have my photos ready for Thursday, Friday and Saturday so may well be able to make and post the pages very soon.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. I loved teaching Sunday School, with Rachel, this morning.

2. Gracia is gradually gaining confidence in her UKCAT test revision. She found it difficult at first as it is a completely new type of test and the questions have nothing to do with biology or medicine!

3. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and I am going for a nice long walk with my doggy girl later.



Cheri said...

I am loving the beauty and simplicity of your pages... and occasionally missing adding photos to mine!

scrappyjacky said...

I love how the little embellishment links them all.
I too really enjoy looking for new recipes on the net....I find 'BBC Good Food' a great site.....and their newsletter this week is all about cakes!

Alison said...

Love your pages Karen....and poor Gracia, still having to study...sometimes you feel as though it will never stop for them!
Alison xx

Anonymous said...

WOW - you're doing great at getting the pages done for LSNED. I have to put some time aside this week to catch up on mine. Good luck to Gracia.

Love how you repeat similar embellishments on every page.

debs14 said...

Love how each page is different, yet the same continuity with the embellishments. It's going to be a lovely album.

Sian said...

lol about the fake passports! I've been reading a book called "How the Girl Guides Won The War" which seems very appropriate now I have read that!

Sandra said...

Such lovely pages

Amy said...

Your LSNED is coming together really well Karen - I too love the simplicity and continuing embellishment, it looks fantastic!

Good luck to Gracia too - at least the exam will give her plenty of options!

Hi Karen ~ I just love your LSNED pages! Well, I love your style on any given day, so I'm not surprised.

Glad to hear that your girl is gaining confidence. Her dedication is admirable!

PS: LOVELY cupcakes! Well done on the frosting technique.