Shimelle's Sketch of the Week

05:47 Karen 2 Comments

Just a little scrapping therapy.

I used two very out of focus and poor photos but they capture the the kids departing for their summer adventure and returning after 5 weeks away.

I used this sketch from Shimelle

I tried to stay true to the sketch but am not comfortable with the amount of white space there still is. My page tells of how Gracia has matured and grown over the summer and the beginning of her next adventure at university.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. The Great British Bake Off - love that tv program.

2. A crazy deal at Sainsburys which resulted in my buying £24.00 of food for £10.00!

3. My girl is happy, has loads of new friends and thoroughly at home and enjoying herself in Newcastle.



Alison said...

Lovely's taken a while, but I actually LIKE white space now!
Alison xx

Lizzie said...

Aw... sniff... rather a poignant little layout really, Karen - but I like it very much. Turquoise is such a positive and uplifting colour - as well as being great for scrapping about summer, travelling and adventure - thoughts of sea and sky etc...
There are so many points in our children's lives, where we stop and look back - and forward - because a new chapter is starting. My DS has just started at "Upper School" (13+) and things are changing so fast for him. He's a bit breathless with all the changes - I'm positively dizzy! And I am aware that, in 5 years time, I will be in your situation, when DS (probably!) goes away to University...
Grazia looks young and sweet in both photos - but you are right; despite the picture being a little bit blurry, she looks somehow more grown-up in the second shot - there's a confidence and positivity that contrasts rather sweetly with the slightly vulnerable expression of her face (and body!) in the first picture.
I am so glad she is happy in Newcastle - It must be a relief to you, who are still at home, wondering how she is (and not liking to phone her as often as you might want to...)

I don't suppose you're free to join us in November, for our Bloggers' weekend? Can't remember if you have already commented about this, but you would be very welcome. There are 8 or 9 of us now and it's definitely "the more the merrier"!