So far, so good.

16:48 Karen 11 Comments

Well, I have finally caught up with my LSNED pages and am finally on track. Only today's to do but that is a job for tomorrow.

Lessons learnt :

Friday (a page from last year's LSNED to illustrate this)

Saturday - having spent a lovely day doing exciting things with the Rainbows, a sing song before putting them all to bed.

Sunday - the perfect end to a weekend, sugar and carbs to boost the flagging energy levels.

Monday - making the most of my last day off before returning to school.

Tuesday - how could we possibly allow the children to use this beautiful box of pencils?

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Planning in advance pays off when time is short.

2. Our new class has such lovely children in it.

3. Knowing that it's not just me who finds some people's actions irksome!



Jo said...

Your pages are gorgeous and I love the lessons you've learnt

Bubbles said...

Have to agree with Jo here :)

I never have the chance to put away pretty sets of colouring crayons, pastels and pencils before the children or grandchildren are rooting through the drawers looking to use them for some project or another! It's the same with buttons - and I love buttons!

Sandra said...

These pages are really fabulous

Hello friend! Just popped in to say hi and see what you've been up to. I LOVE your LSNED format, journaling blocks, and color scheme, Karen. But then again, I love everything you touch so I'm not surprised.

Peace and love to you! ♥

Michelle said...

I love all ur pages so far! :)

Denise said...

Beautiful pages Karen- I love the scripty backgrounds with the flower on - they are gorgeous x

scrappyjacky said...

I understand Sunday's lesson only too well!!!

Cheryl said...

What fab pages, love them all x

Amy said...

Yes, Sunday's lesson is a good one! I love the photo of the pencils too Karen, they really do look lovely ... but they will be enjoyed, even if they never look like that again!

Mel said...

Wow, looking at those 2 pages, even I was surprised at how quickly Nate has grown. And he's mine! Gorgeous pages, makes me want to do this next year.

Alison said...

I love new boxes of pencils!
Love the pages!
Alison xx