Giving Mr Tim Holtz and his inky inks a workout!

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My best bud Eileen and I always used to have a cup of tea on Thursdays after school. Eileen has Thursday off from work and it was a day that suited me to pop round. But going to work for longer hours and much further away has put paid to our little afternoon tea sessions.

See we really shouldn't be allowed to see each other
we can't be trusted to be sensible! (Blue tongues after sucking blue M&Ms)

So we came up with a cunning plan, (far better than any Baldrick would come up with) as David goes out on a Thursday night we decided that it would be a jolly jape if Eileen came round on Thursday evenings. This has proved to be very successful as we now have far more time than before and a host of options to take up. For example three weeks ago Eileen played with some pretty paper and glue and I sorted out the digital bit for the remaining LSNED pages on my laptop. We spent a happy evening drinking tea and chatting. The week before last we decided that we would watch Pirates of the Carribean 4 instead of playing with paper and we both really enjoyed that option. This week Eileen and I both played with some paper. In fact, as promised, I played with white card, acrylic paint, stamps and Mr Tim Holts's very inky inks AND I didn't need rubber gloves or therapy!

At the last crop Sue (see this post) taught us how to use the inks that we had all bought and never knew what to do with them. She demoed a fantastic technique and I was inspired to have a go. If you wish to know how to produce the lovely things Sue does read Sandie's post here where she gives detailed instructions. Well I inked and stamped and stamped and inked and then inked some more and was absolutely delighted with the results, I even inked the ribbon for the bunting. I was enjoying my self so much that I had to text Sue to say I was having a go and really excited with the outcome. I cut my pieces of inked card into pennants,

punched out butterflies and made a journaling mat. I then constructed the layout using the papers from the class kit.

I had chosen a photo of myself (not because it so flatteringly shows how wide my nose is or how many wrinkles I have) taken in our kitchen as the orange paint effect on the walls is similar to the pattern on the paper.

I am so delighted with the technique that Sue taught us that I certainly will be getting my fingers inky again very soon. In fact I am investigating buying some new stamps - I never thought that those words would ever be seen on my blog!

Have a super week.

Reasons to be cheerful.

1. Being able to text Gracia the story of how I spent a frustrating 10 minutes wondering round ASDA car park this morning looking for my car only to realise that I had in fact taken David's one shopping. Once I had remembered I found that one in seconds.

2. The window for our bedroom (the one that we haven't been able to use for the last 8 years) is being made, as I type - so being able to move out of the smallest bedroom in the house into the largest looks like it may be on the cards soon, ok lets be realistic - in the next couple of years!

3. Anticipating Downton Abby tonight.



Sian said...

I saw Sandie's post and it made me think again about how I would love to do a few technique classes - if I could find any round here. You have both come up with very inspiring creations today.

Oh I love this, Karen. Love that you have figured out a way to hang out with your friend, love that you are using those lovely inks, and LOVE the layout AND photo of you. This post has made me happy. :o)

scrappyjacky said...

Love how your inkiness has worked out,Karen.....and resulted in such a great page.

Alison said...

Love how you used the stamps AND the banner you made...I am just beginning to play with my stamps too!
Alison xx

humel said...

This is fabulous! I'm relieved that the blue tongues weren't due to the inky inks though... ;)

10 minutes till Downton Abbey!!

Bubbles said...

Saw that photograph, and thought you'd be licking mr Timmy's ink pads *lol*
I love the layout... and everything you've explained too.

Amy said...

Fun, fun, fun!
I love that you used a photo that had the right colour scheme and I am desperately waiting for DA to return, but, I would think that it won't be until next year for us ... we have only just seen the first series.

Sandie said...

I love how you used your finished card, Karen. I was worried for a moment that you had been licking the ink on, and thought you had come up with a new technique!
I'm glad you didn't need therapy after the inking & stamping, and so glad you faced your fear! This technique is a great way of practicing stamping, and the distressed effect allows for imperfection. At least, that is my excuse! I look forward to seeing more of your stamping and seeing more wonderful ways of using it.

Cheri said...

The paper you created is so fabulously gorgeous...almost a shame to cut it up...but what you ultimately created with it is beautiful! Love the layout. Great job!

SueP said...

Love your layout Karen and I'm impressed you didn't need your rubber gloves :-)
I'm disappointed you hadn't discovered a new way to use Tim's inks for interesting backgrounds though...M&M's indeed!

Cheryl said...

Glad your blue's were not from the inks and great LO x

Denise said...

Blue tongues - whatever next!!I am so sad that I missed that class - the results look fab- beautiful stuff x

Linda said...

that looks like great fun! I love the photo of you both with blue M&M tongues!

Sue Jones said...

Ha Ha Love the bit about the car!! I would do that!
Fab layout - looks like a great deal of fun! see you VERY soon :) :)