It's the final count down!

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I went to the little crop yesterday and had a wonderful time with the big girls and the Divine Miss E. As my girlie is in Newcastle I see it as my mission to spoil Little Miss E a little whenever I see her because every momma has to have a girlie to spoil, even if that girlie belongs to someone else!

At the crop I managed the final 11 (yes I did get a bit behind at the end of the project) pages for my LSNED mini book and also made a card for a certain someone's birthday tomorrow, so can't show this as yet.

So here we go (with apologies for the length of this post)

Gracia took her UKCAT test and passed with flying colours, was there any doubt she would?

It was time to say goodbye to Hannah, although I celebrate that she has been Gracia's best friend for over 10 years she has also been my 'other' daughter for just as long.

Cases packed and ready for the first part of our journey to Newcastle - I truly wanted to hide these cases so she couldn't go!

Traveling to mum's took longer than expected due to the 2 1/2 hour traffic jam we found ourselves in.

After deciding to walk into Newcastle - 40 minutes, we then couldn't find our way back to Gracia's flat - over an hour back.

I have a love/hate feeling for this photo, love it because it celebrates Gracia's independence and self assurance and being able to move so far away and hate it for exactly the same reasons.

After nagging her for as long as I can remember to tidy her bedroom. An empty and tidy bedroom reminds me that sometimes you don't always want what you wish for!

Making myself late for work because I just had to go back for my camera and take a photo of this beautiful web.

Remembering that sometimes for my own sanity I get up early just to be creative and start the day in a good way.

As I opened the gate to drive the car out I noticed the leaves and berries on the ground and realised that Autumn was really here.

Starting and ending the month with a bunch of flowers - one to celebrate getting a new job and the other as a leaving present. So after 11 years I am moving onto pastures new - exciting but very scarey.

When I got home from the crop I made the covers and used a bind it all wire to hold it all together.

The book is so fat that I had to thread all the pages onto the wire and pinch it together by hand.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Harvest festival in church this morning was so good.

2. I have tomorrow off before starting my new job.

3. The girl is loving Newcastle and all her new friends.



Sian said...

I often think back to my own leaving and how my mum felt - at that age of course I had no real idea of the impact it must have had on her. Your beautiful pages record a Mum's journey so well. A special time for LSNED and a bit of thoughtful scrapbooking!

debs14 said...

I am pleased that both you and Gracia seemed to have survived the moving to uni process well and I know all too well how much that longed for tidy bedroom comes at quite a price!
Good luck with the new job x

scrappyjacky said...

This will be a wonderful reminder of those steps forward you and Gracia have taken over the last month.

Jo.C said...

Good luck with the new job and Newcastle is an easy place to get lost in! She will have a fantastic time there everyone is so friendly :0)

Sandie said...

Lovely pages Karen, they will provide great memories for the future.
I took a photo of a cobweb too and made myself late!
Good luck with your new job - you'll love it I'm sure. And if you need any skippers let me know!

humel said...

It's a beautiful album, Karen :) Wishing you all the best in your new job, enjoy your day off tomorrow! xx

Bubbles said...

We spend so much time teaching our children to be independant and happy... and the rest of the time missing them - because they're independant and happy *lol*
Hope your new job is fulfilling, and that you get used to that tidy bedroom - she'll be home visiting and making a mess of that room before you know it!
Love your LSNED journal... thank you so much for sharing it as it's grown (and grown!)... I love your whole outlook on life!

Lizzie said...

Wow it has been a month of change for you and Gracia!
I am so glad she's settled down happily at Uni - less for you to worry over.
I wish you well for your new job - good luck for Tuesday!

Alison said...

So glad you have survived so far,and thank you for your message on my blog. Bubbles is right..when Gracia comes home the room will look exactly the same..I can never believe how little time it takes for Kirsty's to become 'her's' again!
Alison xx

Alison said...

Meant to say 'Good Luck' with the new job xx

Denise said...

Lovely pages to record a very special time in both your lives.hope the new job went well x