The weeks are just rushing by!

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First of all an apology to all my blog friends - I have had to call a blog amnesty as I have been so busy this week that I could not face the 163 blog posts I came home to yesterday and so marked them all as read and started afresh today.

I never thought I would have a week as busy and as enjoyable as I have had the past week. I have been to an amazing choral concert in London in a church called St James Garlichythe and then for a reception at Dyer's Hall, both such fabulous buildings.

Spent the weekend at a scrapping retreat,

I have taught a class to 30 ladies, who seemed to like what I had designed and taken six classes. Now that is a tale to tell! So how much did I get done? True to form, from 8:00 Friday until 6:00 Sunday afternoon I managed 1 finished class, 1 layout of my own and a little present for Gracia.

So on Friday I took a beautiful class taught by Mel and it was a mini-book.

This is how far I got!

On Saturday I took a layout class with Susanne and I managed to finish it :)

During the day I also managed to make this layout - when I got the photo printed in Sainsburys the boy on the photographic counter asked me "Why have you go a random photo of someone's feet?" I thought to myself "You're obviously not a scrapbooker or it would be obvious!"

I also made this

I am so pleased as I had it in mind for a long time in fact ever since I made her the G. I am going to send it to Gracia nearer to Christmas for her room at Uni and sincerely hope it will become a treasure she gets out each Christmas.

On Sunday I took a class by Jane and it was the most scrumptious and sparkly Christmas album - truly and absolutely gorgeous. I got this far! no pages and no embellishments in yet.

I then took another class by Susanne - a Christmas star. Guess what, yet another unfinished project. I managed to get the star constructed but none of the beautiful decorations that Susanne had on hers.

On to my third class of the day and yet another beautiful mini book. This time designed by Karen and it was made to record things you are grateful for. By this time in the afternoon, after lunch and two previous classes I was just grateful to be still standing! I loved the book but this is as far as I got.

It was now time for my forth class of the day and I am ashamed to say I bottled out of this one. It was the one I had been most looking forward to but by 4:15 was absolutely dead on my feet. I took the class pack and instructions and thus far it hasn't even made it out of the poly bag.

The plus side is that at the crop on Saturday I will have plenty to do and won't even have to pack as my bag is still packed from the weekend.

While I was at the crop I sat next to Christine, who also came with me to the Tim Holtzy frame with bits and bobs in that I made in August. We sat next to each other in several classes and have to say at times we were snorting with laughter. It was such a pleasure to find someone with a similar sense of humor and someone who shares my total lack of craft skills when in a class. We managed to cut paper wonky, I managed to drop double sided tape onto a piece of patterned paper that I needed and my first lot of shrink plastic butterflies for Susanne's class came out looking more like the chrysalis that the butterfly came out of than the butterfly itself. But the funny thing was that even when we took classes separately we still managed to make some mistake or other. I love Christine's company and hope to share time at a retreat with her again!

So that was my busy, busy week and this week doesn't look any easier. I have agreed to help with the Guide unit on Wednesday evening and am curious to see how I cope going from Rainbows to Guides in one huge leap. I am sure Natalie has it all planned beautifully and I will enjoy it but it will be very different - or maybe not.

Have a fabulous week.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. I am sitting here listening to David play his cello as I type and it is such a relaxing sound.

2. Spending a weekend with friends old and new.

3. A little bit of crafting before I turn in for the night.



Alison said...

They are this the week you have Gracia home?...if so, have fun xx

scrappyjacky said...

Very true!!!!

Cheryl said...

Lovely x

Scattychick said...

I love the DLO of Gracia one of my favourtie pp ranges atm and the photo's are gorgeous. I am sure she will love her gift too :)
Please post pics of the star when you have finished it I am intrigued :)

Cheri said...

Any weekend at a scrap retreat is a good weekend, regardless of how much you do or do not get done! You have some great projects going there!

So glad you had such a great time, Karen. Your projects look so yummy - finished or not. You need a couple of weeks off so you can get all those projects completed. ;o)

Bubbles said...

I took only two days off from the computer (forced, though *lol*) and spent FOUR hours catching up on missed posts... so I completely agree with your 'start again' idea *lol*
Love your projects - can't wait to see them all finished... eventually ;)

naomi said...

Loved you comment about the Sainsbury's man - it's so true!!