In Praise of Wonderful Weekends.

02:28 Karen 11 Comments

Well, this was the weekend. The one we have waited seven long weeks for. The weekend that Gracia came home for a visit. The weekend that lived up to expectations and went over and above all that we could have hoped for.

We drove to Peterborough, on Friday, to pick her up and even though it was twenty to eleven she looked so bright and perky that it filled our little hearts to bursting point to see her so well.
On Saturday, she slept in and then
as she had requested, we went to Sainsburys for breakfast
We visited the school where I used to work and Gracia attended from year 4 to year 6. The school was celebrating its 100th birthday.
I then took her to Eileen and Hannah's house to spend the rest of the day with Hannah and Sophie, who also hadn't seen each other for seven weeks.
Eileen and I had to celebrate the return of our girls by going to the local craft store for some retail therapy!
I then had to document Gracia's return home by scrapping it - well it would seem rude not to!
Today, I baked 3 dozen cupcakes, 2 dozen cookies and 6 apple crumbles for Gracia and Josh to take back to Uni with them. This was done while Gracia sat in the kitchen with me and revised. It was so like old times.
This afternoon, we went to Marks Hall for a walk and the obligatory cup of tea and cake.
When we got home we only had a couple of hours before Josh's parents picked her up to take her to Peterborough station. So as I write this it is 2:35am on Monday morning and thanks to British Rail the kids are still on the train. Signal failure somewhere so they got their train at 8:15 and have yet to arrive in Newcastle! I so hope it doesn't put them off coming home regularly.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. We cannot believe how happy and healthy Gracia looks. We kept commenting to each other how fit and well she is.

2. A weekend spent with family and friends is hard to beat.

3. The absolutely gloriously sunny afternoon we had at Marks Hall.



Amy said...

:-) :-) :-)

What else is there to say? Looks like a fantastic weekend!

Bubbles said...

beautiful photos from a perfect weekend! thank you for sharing :)

Denise said...

Lovely photos - so glad you had a great weekend together and scrapping and shopping too ! x

Laurie said...

So glad you had a lovey weekend x

Rhona said...

What a wonderfully happy post, sounds like you had a great weekend (and managed to get some retail therapy in too!) xx

Sian said...

A cupcake food parcel - she is one lucky girl! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend together.

(and I hope you like the new magazine :))

scrappyjacky said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend....just a shame about the train!!

Oh, Karen, this post makes me so happy! I remember those days of missing Carrie so much and then those weekends would come around and I'd soak up every bit of her that I could. I'm so glad you had that time with her, and my fingers are crossed that all worked out on the train. xo

Alison said...

So glad that you had such a lovely time with Gracia...and that she seems to be settled and well
Alison xx

DaisyandMay said...

Glad you had a super time. Have they applied to BR for a ticket refund. They should be able to get 1 as they were more than 30min late arriving at destination. (unless it's only southeast rail that does it)

humel said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you had such a good time with her :) And that all's going so well!

I've just had a quick catch up on your other posts, too - I'm way behind! Some lovely projects to enjoy and cupcakes to drool over. The button tree is FAB! xx