Today episode is brought to you by the letter K!

19:12 Karen 7 Comments

Oh how I loved Sesame Street when Gracia was little and because Created by ATDML has the letter K for their Thirsty Thursday challenge this week and because I made a layout for it and because said layout was scraplifted from 'the other Karen' today is certainly brought to you by the letter K.

Karen's layout

And my layout

- you may have caught a glimpse of it being made in my last post. I have to say that scraplifting is such a quick thing. Why don't you have a go at scraplifting Karen's page and then link to the Created by ATDML blog to be in with a chance of winning a prize?

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Although I don't want to make the effort to go out, when I get back from doing the soup run I will have a warm bed to climb into, which is more than the poor souls who come along for the free food have!

2. It only took me 50 minutes to get home from work today rather than the predicted 60 :)

3. Cheese and potato pie for tea - it always brings back happy memories of my nana who used to make it for me.



Alison said...

great scraplift Karen...enjoy the pie!
Alison xx

Cheri said...

great layouts - especially love the way the elements on Gracia's page almost appear to be going off the page!

scrappyjacky said...

Great layout from the scraplift,Karen....and cheese and potato pie brings back good memories for me as well.

Amy said...

I am glad you are so positive about a 50 min commute - that's a fair while in anyone's language!
I love scraplifting - do it all the time!

Great layout, Karen. That photo of Gracia and her friend is gorgeous!

humel said...

Fabulous, fabulous layout :)

Gosh, I haven't had cheese and potato pie in a loooong time - The Doctor doesn't like cheese, unfortunately, or it would be a regular family meal!

debs14 said...

What a lovely version of the other Karen's design {and what gorgeous girlies in the photo}.
Cheese and potato pie. There's a blast from the past. Haven't had that since I was much younger, thanks for reminding me of it, pure comfort food - yum!