Hello - Remember me?

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I can't believe that It has been so long since I last blogged and the last two posts weren't proper posts then. Oh this proper job business takes up so much time! I am going to make a concerted effort to blog more as it is one of the things I enjoy doing but has had to be put on the back burner for a while. Perhaps the answer is less text and just a quick post with pictures but then I like to write about things as my blog is also my craft/daily life diary. So I am going to scatter through this and the next couple of posts the DT pieces I have made for the ATDML design team gallery.

They will not relate to any of the content of this post but will break up all the waffle!

What has been going on in our little house lately? David has spent the last two weekends in bed with migraines (any suggestions).

The fabulous Gracia Rose is home for the next three weeks - working on her studies every spare moment (nothing new there then) because she is determined to give herself the best chance she can to transfer to medicine in September. The irony is that her results were good enough for her to do medicine this year but she didn't have the confidence in herself to apply for it.

Work is still fun. Although I am doing a job that is similar to the one I did 11 years ago it is new and exciting because of the long break I have had from Marketing. We are just getting ready to start the season (it is a sailing charity) and the big push for funders and clients starts in earnest in the new year.

At home, we have been living in jumble sale conditions for far too long, the presents have yet to be wrapped, the decorations only went up yesterday, the cards were posted on Friday and my JYC 2011 has 15 pages made (each page has a 4 inch square of paper, a 3 inch square of paper and a strip of 7 Gypsies Christmas masking tape - not complicated but still not finished) of that 15 only 12 have journaling on and of that 12 only 1 has a photo so far. Looks like I have a little project to get on with during the Christmas break.
So there we are. Hope your run up to Christmas is less frantic than mine.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. David's headache has gone and he is able to go out on his annual Christmas walk with his friends today.

2. My best girl is home safe and sound.

3. Only 4 more days until a nice long break, time to spend tidying the house, going for long walks with David and Kiera and maybe Gracia if she is about and just chilling with my cutting and sticking stuff.



Amy said...

Hello stranger!

That's rotten news for David, I get migraines and they are just terrible, I hope he finds a way to control them soon.

I saw a tutorial on your wreath in the top photo just this week, I thought they were very clever.

Gracia sounds like my brother - she will do fine!

Laurie said...

Hi Karen, do you remember we were talking about that tv programme and how it used food as medicine ?
it was called the food hospital and they have a book out, which I suspect I saw in a large suermarket...may be worth a look.
Have a Happy Christmas, see you in the New Year.

Sue Jones said...

Missed you. Glad hubbies Migraine has gone. Good Luck to Gracia I am sure she will get in , she's so clever!
My tree isn't even up yet - a job to do today oppps!
Happy Christmas darling - enjoy your break ( when you get it!)

scrappyjacky said...

Good to see you back....and love your doggy LO....I must try to do one of ours this year.

Sian said...

As a fellow migraine sufferer he has my deepest sympathy - one of the best things I have found are the blue gel strips you can put on your forehead to keep it cool. They are a big help.

debs14 said...

Denise is the migraine Queen so you need to ask her. Although I suspect that laying in a darkened room is on her lists of things that help. As well as not eating chocolate or red wine :-(
Pleased to see you back in blogland, have a very Happy Christmas and enjoy having your girlie back at home!

Alison said...

Lovely to see you back Karen! Your projects are all lovely, and it sounds like you've been busy as always. Glad David has managed out today and that you have Gracia home...have a great Christmas,all of you
Alison xx

Sandie said...

I know exactly where you are coming from regards work and being behind for Christmas. Glad Gracia is home & hope David is well for Christmas.

humel said...

Of course I remember you :) Lovely to hear from you, but no pressure - we all know what it's like to be busy! Enjoy a special Christmas with your beautiful girl xx