Are You Feeling Lucky?

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A Little Bit of Spinning

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The second homework set by Kirsty was to spin your sketch around.  I decided to turn mine 90 degrees to the right but once I had done that I didn't like the vertical strips down the centre so I made them horizontal once more. 

I then put the title in the space created on the top left and the journaling in the space created on the bottom right.  I may even like this sketch better than the original one!

I still had many of the things I like to incorporate in my pages and instead of layering the vertical strips directly on top of each other, I moved the shorter one more towards the centre of the page.

Also I forgot to post the lovely class from Ann's crop last Saturday.  

And finally, as I spent a great deal of time scrapping yesterday afternoon and evening a sneaky peek of the page I made for ATDML February DT.

This may well be my all time favourite page and features a photo snaffled from Gracia's Facebook of her and Hannah messing about.  I miss those two so much. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Having done a big shop, cleaned the whole of the downstairs, done two loads of washing, done David's banking and many other little jobs yesterday - I had several hours guilt free scrapping.

2. Planning to clean the bathroom, change the beds (haven't gotten around to doing Gracia's since she went back after Christmas - bad mother points awarded to myself) I plan to spend some time making some more projects for ATDML and I have my class for the February Eclectic Keepsakes crop to get on the way.

3. My beautiful Golden Girl only has one more exam tomorrow and then she has 4 days off until she starts the second semester of her course.



Homework No 1 - Completed

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Homework no 1 completed and I am very happy with the results.  I took my sketch and from my check list I have included many of my favourite techniques.

  • There is a tiny bit of doodling (which I forgot to add to my list)
  • One (very) large photo
  • Kraft tags
  • Horizontal strips across the whole of the layout
  • Very dimential
  • Journaling strips
  • Clustered elements
  • Buttons
  • Layering

Apologies for the rubbish photo - dark when I leave for work and dark when I get back
so taking a decent photo at any time other than the weekend is impossible!

I have loved the process of designing the sketch around the things I like on the pages I love the most and then turning the sketch into this page.


Now I just have to get the next lot of homework done before Kirsty sets us some more!


Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. It's Friday!

2. I am bathed and in my pj's and off to bed as soon as this post is finished.

3. The lay-in I am anticipating tomorrow.



Handing my homework in late!

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When I signed up for this class I got really excited and then forgot about it.  For some reason I mucked up my sign in to the dedicated blog and didn't get the prompt.  That was until I saw Deb's post and then I remembered I had signed up for it.  Kirsty was really quick to answer my email and give me a new activation code to get onto the blog and so I can now start.  The homework was to look at some of your recent pages and decide what you like about them or what design features you use a lot.

My list is as follows.

One large photo (at least 7 x 5)
Lots of embellishments


Punched strips

Kraft labels, tags & tickets

Horizontal strips across the whole of the layout.

Very dimensional

Journaling strips

Clustered elements



Large circles

So the next step was to incorporate some of these into a sketch and this is what I came up with.

So that is what I am starting with and tomorrow, hopefully, I will make a layout from it.  I have really enjoyed this process and am really looking forward to seeing what the final page looks like.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.   The fabulous Miss Smith.

2.   Looking forward to finding time to do a little scrapping  tomorrow.

3.   Spending time on Saturday with a bunch of very creative ladies.



P is for Polka Dots and other things.

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I am in my crafting zone once again and finding a little time to do what I love to do best - cutting and sticking.  I made a page for Ann's Thirsty Thursday spot over on Created by ATDML.  This week the letter was P so I made a page featuring Polka Dots.

Also, yesterday was the EK crop and although I didn't actually start making anything until well after lunch time I managed to get two pages finished and another set out and almost finished.  

As it was the first crop after Christmas and because the Christmas crop had three classes I had decided to just do a take and make and we took this

and made it into this.

Mine had cute photos in from Gracia's first Christmas up to Christmas 2011, when at 18 she still climbed into our bed on Christmas morning to investigate the goodies that Santa had left in her stocking.

I made a page about her beautiful baby blue Hunter wellies that David had bought her to go with the page I made in the Summer about her fabulously pretty flip flops.


Next week's letter for Thirsty Thursday is Q so I decided to make a quick page - 45 minutes from start to finish including journaling and title featuring a photo taken a mere 20 hours before!  
I usually take anything up to 5 or 6 hours to make a page which involves lots of paper shuffling and laying on and taking off of embellishments but it was quite a revellation to me that I can make something in such a short time!

So that is how I spent my Saturday, crafting with old friends and welcoming new but also missing those friends who couldn't make it due to circumstances beyond their control.  We all thought about you and missed your company - hoping you can make it next month.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. Gracia and Josh have safely returned to Newcastle with only a half an hour delay to their trains this time.

2. Spending time with ladies who have become very good friends over the past year and also with Eileen, my best bud of course.

3. Getting over the ache in my heart now that Gracia has returned to Uni and hoping that by tomorrow I will be able to talk about it without welling up.

Have a lovely week xxx



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Back to being a Gerdie Lass

How can three weeks fly by so quickly ? Missing you already . Safe  journey xxx

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A Late Happy New Year

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I would like to wish my blog readers a late Happy and Healthy New Year.

What a busy couple of weeks we have had. We spent Christmas in Shropshire and were all due to go to the Lake District but in the end only Gracia and David went (that's a story for another day). Since getting home the days have passed in a blur and I cannot believe that I am back at work tomorrow - having accomplished not very much. I am up to the 28th on my JYC 2011 but have yet to print out and add the photos.

Have made two little felt owls, as a birthday present, for Gracia's best friend at Uni but other than that have done very little else - just catching up with the many things that get left undone during the run up to Christmas.

So I will leave you with the remainder of my December DT work for ATDML.

Looking High and Low - photographs from when we went to Marks Hall in November (not one of my favourite pages and I cannot put my finger on why)!

Another Christmas star decoration.

And one of my all time favourite pages - Wherever You Are. I loved the lyrics from this song as soon as I heard them and they touched my heart as my girlie was so far away.

Reasons to be Cheerful:

1. Going for coffee (tea in my case) with an old friend.

2. Setting aside this afternoon to get some cutting and sticking done.

3. A spare room that I can now get into and find anything I am looking for.