A Little Bit of Spinning

14:33 Karen 10 Comments

The second homework set by Kirsty was to spin your sketch around.  I decided to turn mine 90 degrees to the right but once I had done that I didn't like the vertical strips down the centre so I made them horizontal once more. 

I then put the title in the space created on the top left and the journaling in the space created on the bottom right.  I may even like this sketch better than the original one!

I still had many of the things I like to incorporate in my pages and instead of layering the vertical strips directly on top of each other, I moved the shorter one more towards the centre of the page.

Also I forgot to post the lovely class from Ann's crop last Saturday.  

And finally, as I spent a great deal of time scrapping yesterday afternoon and evening a sneaky peek of the page I made for ATDML February DT.

This may well be my all time favourite page and features a photo snaffled from Gracia's Facebook of her and Hannah messing about.  I miss those two so much. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Having done a big shop, cleaned the whole of the downstairs, done two loads of washing, done David's banking and many other little jobs yesterday - I had several hours guilt free scrapping.

2. Planning to clean the bathroom, change the beds (haven't gotten around to doing Gracia's since she went back after Christmas - bad mother points awarded to myself) I plan to spend some time making some more projects for ATDML and I have my class for the February Eclectic Keepsakes crop to get on the way.

3. My beautiful Golden Girl only has one more exam tomorrow and then she has 4 days off until she starts the second semester of her course.



Laurie said...

Lovely layouts Karen, funny how a few people have said they like their second one better. Off to do mine now we'll see what happens !

Michelle said...

I love ur layouts Karen, I'm off to switch mine around now! C u soon

Rhona said...

These are great layouts, Karen and I love the one of the year in photos - very cute! xx

Alison said...

Love your second LO...and the one of Gracia's year is wonderful..am hoping to get on with the Homework tomorrow!
Alison xx

Becca said...

I really like what you have done with your sketch Karen. Can't wait to see the next rotation. Looking forward to Feb's crop to see what you have come up with x

scrappyjacky said...

Love what you've done from your sketch.....I think I'll need to move my title when I rotate mine.
The year in pictures is a lovely way to document the pair of them.

Amy said...

Switching things around was a good idea and I also like that you still tweeaked the layout design to suit your needs, it ended up looking really good.

Mel said...

Fab LO's as always......miss scrapping with you. Absolutely adore the class LO you with the year of photos.

Cheri said...

Sarah went back to school on the 15th and I just finished getting sheets back on and her bed made yesterday! No bad mother points - we do what we can! :)

Hi Karen ~ I'm finally over here catching up and looking at your lovely scrapbook pages. I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love studying your wonderful details and sweet touches on each of your pages.

I LOVE the layout of Gracia and Josh! Adorable. And the snow layout with you and G.

Glad to hear your girl made it through her exams and has a few days to relax. Hopefully she's relaxing! ;o)