I am not a grey girl!

13:59 Karen 7 Comments

I am not a grey girl, I am a bright, in your face, colour girl. Unlike Kirsty (Just One Sketch) who always uses muted tones, I only use bright colours. So the challenge to use colours you don't usually use was a real challenge. I pulled out a grey piece of cardstock and some pieces of eons old paper and tried and tried to make a page. 

I mirrored my sketch and then turned it 90 degrees but really struggled to make a page using the stash I had pulled out. 

 I don't do grey and I definitely don't do vintage so after many, many hours (longer than I care to admit) I have a page that I am fairly happy with. 

The back of the cardstock is testomany to the fact that I made the layout once and than pulled it apart again, also I used wet glue to make the page - a sure sign I wasn't taking much care or pride in the project! 

So my page is now done. I do like it but not enough to make another muted page in the near future. 

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Only 19 1/2 hours until my girl is home for the weekend.

2.  Going to the last little crop tomorrow.  I have so loved this crop and the opportunity it has given me to make new friends and watch the babies grow.  I really hope that I will get the chance to see the Devine Miss E grow up some more.

3. An evening of baking all sorts of goodies for my girl to take back to Uni.



scrappyjacky said...

I can tell this page isn't really you,Karen....and my favourite part is the lovely paper flowers and butterflies....definately you.
Have a great weekend.

Sian said...

The flowers and butterflies are beautiful - but then I am a muted kind of girl a lot of the time! It's fun to experiment all the same - probably makes you feel even more sure of your choices when you go back to what you really love

Alison said...

I love the flowers and the butterflies too...and the button clusters, but it IS very different colourwise to your 'norm'!
Have a lovely weekend with your girl!
Alison xx

Laurie said...

It's really tricky isn't it, doing things you are not quite sure of ?
I like it Karen and such a fab photo.

Amy said...

It might not be you but you have done a marvellous job at disguising that fact! It's lovely page Karen!

debs14 said...

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone just to confirm our belief that what we are doing is right for us and whilst I like this layout, I can understand how it doesn't feel right for you.

It's a lovely page although I can see that it is not your style. I'm glad you aren't moving away from your lovely bright colors!