Round and Round

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Well its onto version 9 of my sketch for Take One Sketch - only 3 more left to do  :0(   This time we used circles on our layouts. 

I replaced the large background square piece of paper with a circle and used three photographs to replace the wide horizontal block of paper.  I then used circles to form a line top and bottom of the photos and mounted the journaling onto circles.

When I was making my page I decided to mount the title onto circles too and I did have some flowers in the bottom left corner and was going to make some for the top right but pulled them off and liked it better.  Thank goodness for my glue rubber as it removed every trace of very stick foam pads that were sticking the flowers down.  I also added a doily (cut in half) to  further enhance the circular feel of this page.

Out of all of my pages so far this is the one that is least like the original sketch and not as bumpy as my usual pages.  I do like it and the colours were driven by the yellow and green Making Memories circular paper.  I usually find papers to suit a particular photo and not the other way round so yet again I have done something out of my comfort zone.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. VAT is 75% done and Accounts are 90% done so if I work on them tomorrow evening they will be finished.

2. A weekend that has been relaxing and a mixture of doing things that were necessary and things that I really enjoyed.

3.  Off to bed for an early night and to read the trashy novel I am enjoying at the moment - pure mental chewing gum but what I need at the moment.



scrappyjacky said...

So lovely and bright,Karen.

Lizzie said...

I love that expression "mental chewing gum", Karen - funny!

She certainly is a beautiful young lady... and your scrap page enhances those three photos very well. I like the little touches you have added - the circles have a raised spot in the centre, the journalling and title are mounted on circles, the lace effect of the doily pieces. It all adds up to a very lovely page - I think you should frame this one and put it on the wall!
I was making a page "outside my comfort zone" yesterday, at Scrap Club. I used a sheet of patterned paper for the background - I don't usually do that; normally I use plain paper, with patterned pieces. It looks good so far - when I've added the title, I'll publish it on my blog.
Great scrapping - have a good week!

Alison said...

Love this one have done wonders with your sketch!
Alison xx

Sian said...

Those lovely photos are a perfect set to choose for a "circles" page - they emphasize and bring out her beautiful eyes

Cheri said...

There is a LOT going on in that layout, but I love that the photos of your gorgeous daughter still clearly take center stage!

Sue Jones said...

one word "Beautiful"

Miss Smith said...

This is stunning - there is so much inspiration on this page. Wow!

Amy said...

Books classified as mental chewing gum are required from time to time - one of the best forms of relaxation if you ask me!

Denise said...

Can't believe you are on number nine already! Beautiful as always Karen x x

Beautiful layout, Karen, and lovely photos of your beautiful girl!