Thank You Amy

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Winging it over all the way from Australia - this darling little note book with grid paper pages and very stylish pen, which are just perfect for little scrapbooking sketches. 

I love the text on the back of the notebook. 

Complete with a sweet card from the lovely 

Thank you so much ~ Amy

 Reason to be cheerful

That the internet has given me friends from far and wide who are kind, generous and genuine. Some I meet with irl but some I don't expect I will ever meet 'in the flesh' but nevertheless they are still my very good friends. xxx Photobucket


Going round to Debs' for Dinner

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Hi, this is just a quick post because, as usual, I'm running late and I have to get ready. As many of you will know we are going round to our friend Debs for a girly dinner. Oh my word, there are so many of us going that I hope she has a really big table. Although, as she lives in Arizona, perhaps we will be eating in her garden. She has recently moved house and has been spending time gardening and I bet it looks beautiful. 

It's a bring and share meal and I have made a vegetarian main course. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years and so usually plump to take a veggie main so that others don't feel pressured to make something special for me. What have I decided to make? Well, its a bit of an experiment really, because I usually make this tart with sun dried tomatoes and baby plum tomatoes but when I went shopping on Saturday couldn't find any sun dried tomatoes! I had a think and decided to use baby button and baby chestnut mushrooms instead.

Mushroom and Pine-nut Pizza Tart


1 quantity of pastry (I always use Just Roll - why reinvent the wheel?)
100gms baby button mushrooms
100gms baby chestnut mushrooms
1 jar of pasta sauce
200gms grated mozzarella
100gms smoked cheese (I use the type that looks like a sausage)
50gms pine-nuts

1. Line a tin with the pastry and blind bake (sorry I don't know temperatures as I have an Aga and just shove it in).

2. Spread the pasta sauce onto the bottom of your pastry case and sprinkle the Mozzarella on top of this. Return to the oven until the cheese has melted.

3. Meanwhile wipe and trim the mushrooms and slice cheese into small rounds.

4. Arrange mushrooms and slices of smoked cheese on top of the melted Mozzarella and drizzle a little olive oil onto the top to stop the mushrooms drying out.

5. Sprinkle on the pine-nuts and return to the oven for 20 minutes.


Oh goodness - look at the time - I must rush to get ready, best bib and tucker I think!

See you girls later at Deb's house and I think I should anticipate a late night as I am sure there will be lots of wine being consumed, lots of tales being told and lots of girly giggling going on! I can't wait to see how Deb has dressed the table because her parties are legendary for how pretty she makes the table look.

While I'm getting ready why don't you pop on over to Karen's blog to see what she is cooking up.

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Reasons to be Cheerful:-

1. Having friends like Deb who ask you round for dinner (even if it is a virtual dinner).

2. Looking forward to the other recipes in this blog hop.

3. Enjoying this tart for dinner tonight,  with David, Gracia and Josh (a good second best to actually being able to enjoy it with Deb in real life).




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How sad - I have just finished the last page for Just One Sketch and I have to say I have loved each and almost (not the gray one) every one of the sketch variations. I am hoping that the very talented Miss Smith comes up with something else for us as I shall miss doing these very much. 

My original sketch

and after 12 pages this is what my sketch has finally evolved into.

Ops - just realised that today is the 10th and not the 11th as it says on my layout!

I have used various elements that I liked from the previous layouts. 
  •  Round background paper from the circle page 
  •  narrow horizontal bands of paper from the 'make it small' one 
  •  black cardstock from my 'mirror image' layout
  •  Butterflies made from text paper and beads from the 'use a colour you don't usually use' page 
  •  Prima flowers in yellow and cream and a centralised title from the 'make it simple' layout 
  •  Tags from the 'layer it up' page
  •  and journaling strips from most of the pages. 

I am absolutely amazed at how different each of the 12 pages from this one sketch have turned out. I still think that my favourite one is the one without any photos!

Reasons to be cheerful 

1. My Kiera girl has no lasting effects from her nasty accident. 

2. I was able to take her for a 3 mile walk this morning and we both felt better for it. 

3. My e-bay purchase, for a very special occasion, far exceeded my expectations :o) 



It had to be done!

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It had to be done. I just had to buy some of the new Prima Almanac range from ATDML and then (everyone stand back in amazement) the day after I had bought it I used it! Well just a little bit as you have to ease yourself into these things gently.

 I wanted to turn my anniversary blog post into a page and also make my 'layers' page for just one sketch so that is exactly what I did. I turned the photo into a sepia one so that it co-ordinated with the papers better and then just got making. 

 Yet another page from this series and yet another one that I think is quite different to all the others I have made so far. 

My last page for the Just One Sketch series is one where we put all that we have learnt together. I have the papers ready and have the photo ready I just have to find the time. 

 Reasons to be cheerful:- 

1. My best bud is in her happy place because she has her girlie home for the weekend xxx 

2.  It's almost the weekend and I have lots of scrapping projects to get on with but unfortunately, none I can show just yet. 

3. I have my girlie mini book made for my ATDML retreat class and only have the boy one left to make - a more challenging project as I don't do boy scrapping but I am looking forward to the challenge! Photobucket


Coming down to earth with a bump!

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This post is brought to you as part of Sian's - Story Telling Sunday.

This photo was taken almost 16 years ago. Not much has changed since then. Ok she is bigger and brighter but her personality and sense of what is right and wrong remains the same.  BUT at three years old this can sometimes be a little misguided. 

 The story of the embarrassing incident in the bank! 

16 years ago when my Golden Girl was just three I banked with a building society. It was a very small bank with only two tellers and two seats in the waiting area. It was our custom for Gracia to sit on one of the seats and wait for me to queue up and complete my transactions. She enjoyed chatting to the other customers and I believe they mostly liked chatting to her. Ever the performer,  she liked the maximum number of people to be party to her conversations and thoughts, always speaking loudly and clearly so that everyone could benefit from 'The Wisdom of Gracie-Girl'

One day, when the bank was particularly full and the queue was particularly long, I heard her little voice pipe up "Would you like to sit down?" I turned round to see her speaking to a very old lady. My little heart filled with pride as every person in that queue let out a little sigh of pleasure at such a polite little girl. I stood tall and gave her a thumbs up, so that they could all see the wonderful person who had instilled such impeccable manners in this little girl. The little old lady replied "Oh yes please". At which point my little sweetheart turned to the man occupying the other seat and said very loudly and very firmly "You need to get up - this lady wants to sit down". That was the moment that I fully understood the feeling of wishing the ground would open and swallow me.

 It just goes to prove the old adage that 'Pride comes before a fall'. 

 Reasons to be cheerful:- 

 1. She has grown from a very polite (even though her intentions were not always correct) little girl to an even politer young woman. 

 2. She had confidence to speak out for what she thought right and still does.

 3. I can look at a photo and it can spark such a vivid memory that as I was writing this story I fully felt the impact of the pride and embarrassment once again.