Anyone For Tea? (with apologies for the wordiness of this post)

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Life is very hectic at the moment. I really cannot seem to find the time to do all the things I would like. I keep suggesting to David that I really need to give up work and be a home maker and he counters this with the suggestion the he should perhaps be the one who gives up work and then he can literally be the homemaker and finish the house. I really can't argue with that so just have to keep on working.

We did have some fun earlier in the week though when we went to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.  It was so exciting and we both looked good in our outfits (both purchased from e-bay and both for less than £15.00 each, I do like a bargain!) I also borrowed MIL's fancy hat that featured in this layout, last April.

We saw The Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Ann.  But what was most fun was people watching.  We saw such an amazing array of people and outfits from all corners of the world and all classes of society.  Some were obviously very posh, (with their expensive, made to measure, morning suits) some were pretending to be posh (with their hired morning suits) some were in uniform, some in national dress, some in just ordinary clothes with a hat plonked on.  We even saw two ladies, wearing the same dress talking to each other!

  David doesn't like to be on my blog - I usually only show photos with the back of him in but I just had to show you how good he looked in his suit so have blurred his face.  I wonder why he doesn't like being on my blog - perhaps in real life he is an international spy or a gangster on the run!

It was a fabulous day on many levels but more importantly it made me decide that we really need to climb out of our box more often, take or make the opportunity to do different things, some we will like, some we will hate but we will never know until we try!

Also this week the lovely Rhona awarded me this award.

to accept:-
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 So I am awarding it to

Denise who is a new, but very dear friend.  She has had a difficult year but always manages to raise a smile and is so kind .  I would have liked to also give the award to Deb but she has already had it.

Eileen who introduced me to scrapbooking - something I am very grateful for and something David will never forgive her for :0)   She is one of my longest standing friends.  I didn't do girlfriends until after Gracia was born and until I met Eileen only had one really good, long standing girlfriend.  Eileen is a woman who would walk on hot coals to help me and who knows I would do the same for her.

Karen - another fairly recent acquisition in the irl friendship stakes (about 2 1/2 years).   Karen will also help me out if I need it - designing and delivering a class for the crop at short notice!  Another of my friends who has had a tough year but hopefully is coming out of it healthier.

Sandie - A craft buddy who I have only known for a couple of years (can you see the trend - from no girl friends to all the girl friends I can muster).  She is a fabulous photographer and crafter and her love for her family, especially her granddaughters shines through every word on her blog.

Becca - Yet another craft buddy.  Becca always amazes me with her beautiful creations, both i paper and in fabric.  In fact, at Christmas I bought two bags that Becca had made and could only bring myself to give one away.  I then bought another and had to keep that too, it is my absolutely favourite bag and goes everywhere with me.

So there are my bloggers and that is all for now - apologies for the length of this post, once I find the time to blog there is no stopping me.  Off to prepare for Story Telling Sunday as my very good friend Eileen reminded me of a tale I should tell!

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Discovering the joy of Girlfriends.
2. My darling girl is coming home in a few weeks.
3. I have a day of craftiness planned for tomorrow.



Save the Day

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I am so excited because it's time for

Taaaaaad daaaaaar ..................... the


More details here

So far I have one class finished, 1 challenge finished and have another challenge and another class yet to do.  To say I am super excited would be an understatement - I love cybercrops.




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 At this point in time this is my favourite layout

made with my favourite paper range. The alpha is an old Basic Grey one coloured with a black pen.

The Prima Almanack range can be purchased from here (rumor has it that Mel and Jill are getting some new goodies in tomorrow so I for one have my plastic on standby!)

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. It's a bank holiday - once the chores are done an extra afternoon for playing with paper and glue.

2. Off to buy some new wellies so I can take the dog for a walk without having to encase my feet in carrier bags before I put my old wellies on.

3.  For once the sun is shining and the rain isn't falling!



An Idyllic Childhood

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When I was very small, up until my parents moved from Essex to Staffordshire when I was 7, my Grandma child minded me while my Mum was at work.  It was unusual for mother's to go out to work in those days but was a necessity as my dad was studying in order to improve their prospects.

I can honestly say my childhood was idyllic, although Nana was very strict she also was a lovely lady who was always up for a cuddle.  I have so many happy memories, especially when her sister, my great aunt Grace (who was my favouritest person in the whole wide world - can you spot the link) came to stay.  Great Aunt Grace only had two sons and had come for a 3 month visit from Canada.  She actually stayed 3 years and that was when the great spoiling began!  I was the apple of her eye, she taught me to sew, knit and crochet and was the reason I learnt to love making things.  I have vivid memories of these two elderly ladies, teaching me to ride a bike (which my uncle had found and restored by painting it red with silver paint splatters) by holding the back and running after me while I did figures of eight around the apple and pear tree in Nana's Garden.When I was 5 these two ladies would walk me to school, each holding one of my hands and at lunchtime would come and take me home for lunch, then walk me back again, until it was time for school to finish and they would be there again waiting for me.  My mum decided that I was getting too spoiled (she was probably right) and said I had to stay for school dinner.  Undeterred, my Nana and Aunt Grace would come to the school every lunchtime to 'post' me sweets through the railings and watch me play.  

 A very old layout of my brother and I in Nana's Garden.  It is low quality so you cannot read the journaling - I will have to dig it out and add that at another time.

This is what I love about Storytelling Sunday - I now have a warm glow and happy memories to take me through the day.  Thank you Sian.

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1,  A Nana and Aunt Grace who loved me and made my childhood happy.
2. Two ladies who taught me how to make Gracie's childhood a happy one.
3. Parents who bucked the trend to give us all a better life.



Did I mention it has been raining?

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I really don't have a word in my vocabulary to adequately describe the rain that fell last night.  Torrential would only mildly describe it.  I really cannot remember a time when I have known rain like we have had in the past couple of weeks, well ever since the drought warning and hosepipe ban!

As I said, it truly rained and rained last night.  I left for work at 8am as usual and noticed that the A12 (the main road I usually take to work) was at a standstill.  I am lucky as I have to go over a bridge to get to the A12 and can look down and assess the state before I commit to driving on it.  So I decided to take the back roads to work.  I work 35 miles from home and this usually takes me between 50 and 60 minutes.  

Not today!  It took me an hour to drive 3 miles and then another 50 minutes to drive another 5.  By this time I had called into work and said I would take a day holiday as I didn't relish another couple of hours in the car.  I turned around and went to our local Sainsburys to pick up something for supper and was confronted with a car park that looked like this!

After my shop I decided to drive to the end of the lane where I live to see just how deep the water is.  Not drive through the water you understand, just go and look. When I arrived there was a poor lady with her car stuck, with water past the bottom of the doors!  I loaned her my mobile to call for assistance and took her back to my house for a warm and a cup of tea, she really wanted coffee but as neither of us drink coffee there was none to be had.    Her husband came and picked her up and I went back down the road for my photo.

Believe it or not this is actually the lane where I live and not a local pond!

On to much more interesting things a couple of projects from the April DT for ATDML

I hope you haven't been washed away with all this rain xxx

Reasons to be cheerful:-

1. An unexpected day off (even though it will either be unpaid leave or holiday) but a day off is still a day off.

2. I try to do at least one RAK every day and today I feel I have banked at least a week's worth.

3. Seizing the day and inviting Eileen over for an afternoon of crafty pursuits, cups of tea and putting the world to right.



Sunshine in the Rain

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Anyone who lives in the south east of England, well in almost any part of England at the moment will know that we are experiencing rain, torrential rain, non-stop rain, in fact every type of rain all the time. It has gone on for days, the end of our road is flooded and so David has to take a 5 mile detour to get to work and I have to drive through massive puddles to get to my job. 

 BUT sometimes there is a little ray of sunshine that peeps through the rain. I had one of these on Saturday - not a day I was looking forward to. It started with me getting up and sorting out the cheques etc. to pay into the bank for David's business, followed by a large food shop and on my way home from the food shop I was thinking that the rest of the day would be pants too as I had all of David's suppliers to pay (the joy of being married to someone who is self employed) a job that takes several hours. 

It was absolutely chucking it down with rain and when I got home there was a parcel addressed to me in the porch, a parcel all the way from Spain, a parcel that felt very interesting. Without even taking of my wet coat and shoes I tore it open to find this 

and then this 

and it was from 

Thank you Alison for sending me some Spanish sunshine on a very wet Saturday. xxx 

Reason to be cheerful: 

The lovely and generous ladies that I regularly converse with over the internet and the way that a simple thoughtful act can make a boring day into a wonderful one.