Anyone For Tea? (with apologies for the wordiness of this post)

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Life is very hectic at the moment. I really cannot seem to find the time to do all the things I would like. I keep suggesting to David that I really need to give up work and be a home maker and he counters this with the suggestion the he should perhaps be the one who gives up work and then he can literally be the homemaker and finish the house. I really can't argue with that so just have to keep on working.

We did have some fun earlier in the week though when we went to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.  It was so exciting and we both looked good in our outfits (both purchased from e-bay and both for less than £15.00 each, I do like a bargain!) I also borrowed MIL's fancy hat that featured in this layout, last April.

We saw The Queen, Prince Philip and Princess Ann.  But what was most fun was people watching.  We saw such an amazing array of people and outfits from all corners of the world and all classes of society.  Some were obviously very posh, (with their expensive, made to measure, morning suits) some were pretending to be posh (with their hired morning suits) some were in uniform, some in national dress, some in just ordinary clothes with a hat plonked on.  We even saw two ladies, wearing the same dress talking to each other!

  David doesn't like to be on my blog - I usually only show photos with the back of him in but I just had to show you how good he looked in his suit so have blurred his face.  I wonder why he doesn't like being on my blog - perhaps in real life he is an international spy or a gangster on the run!

It was a fabulous day on many levels but more importantly it made me decide that we really need to climb out of our box more often, take or make the opportunity to do different things, some we will like, some we will hate but we will never know until we try!

Also this week the lovely Rhona awarded me this award.

to accept:-
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 So I am awarding it to

Denise who is a new, but very dear friend.  She has had a difficult year but always manages to raise a smile and is so kind .  I would have liked to also give the award to Deb but she has already had it.

Eileen who introduced me to scrapbooking - something I am very grateful for and something David will never forgive her for :0)   She is one of my longest standing friends.  I didn't do girlfriends until after Gracia was born and until I met Eileen only had one really good, long standing girlfriend.  Eileen is a woman who would walk on hot coals to help me and who knows I would do the same for her.

Karen - another fairly recent acquisition in the irl friendship stakes (about 2 1/2 years).   Karen will also help me out if I need it - designing and delivering a class for the crop at short notice!  Another of my friends who has had a tough year but hopefully is coming out of it healthier.

Sandie - A craft buddy who I have only known for a couple of years (can you see the trend - from no girl friends to all the girl friends I can muster).  She is a fabulous photographer and crafter and her love for her family, especially her granddaughters shines through every word on her blog.

Becca - Yet another craft buddy.  Becca always amazes me with her beautiful creations, both i paper and in fabric.  In fact, at Christmas I bought two bags that Becca had made and could only bring myself to give one away.  I then bought another and had to keep that too, it is my absolutely favourite bag and goes everywhere with me.

So there are my bloggers and that is all for now - apologies for the length of this post, once I find the time to blog there is no stopping me.  Off to prepare for Story Telling Sunday as my very good friend Eileen reminded me of a tale I should tell!

Reasons to be cheerful

1. Discovering the joy of Girlfriends.
2. My darling girl is coming home in a few weeks.
3. I have a day of craftiness planned for tomorrow.



Alison said...

I am VERY impressed with your shopping skills Karen..your outfit is beautiful! The people-watching sounds like great glad you had such a good time
Alison xx

debs14 said...

Your dress and jacket are so pretty and suit you so well, what a bargain! You need to help me replenish my wardrobe for a bargain price.
What an amazing day you must have had and how lucky to be invited. Looking forward to hearing all about it very soon.

Sandie said...

What a lovely surprise, thank you for my blog award!
Tea at Buckingham Palace, what a wonderful experience. Do I have to cursey next time I see you? :)
The outfits look lovely and no one would have guessed what a bargain you got for yourself. Good for you!
That will make a great scrap page or two?

Sian said...

Karen - you both look fabulous! And I can't thank you enough because you have reminded me of a new story - the time I shopped in the "seconds" shop for my outfit to meet Princess Anne. (Do you think she knows we are all bargain hunters? I think she might appreciate it!)

Amy said...

What a great day you must both have had! And, it looked sunny and just perfect for a Garden Party.

Reagrdless of David's covert operations - it's great to see you both!

Cheri said...

A Garden Party with the Queen - how fun! And your outfit is totally fab!

scrappyjacky said...

Your outfit is gorgeous....what a bargain....and perfect for 'tea with the queen'.

Carol Anne said...

Your outfit is lovely, but I especially love the hat and your necklace. Thanks for sharing!

What a great day out! Thanks for sharing,

Becca said...

What a great surprise, BIG thank you Karen x
You did look lovely :)