Counting the days.

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This time next week we will either be with Gracia packing up her things ready to come home for the summer or very nearly there. I am so excited and just can't wait. We haven't seen her since Easter and it's the longest she has been away without a visit home. I am going to state my intention now on my blog so that if I break it you will all know - I am going to try my hardest to not have any arguments, shouting matches or cross words with her for the whole of the summer. There I have said it so I will have to keep to it now it is out there in cyberland. I really hope I can but I have to remember it is a two way thing and sometimes Gracia will just niggle me on purpose. I must stick to the mantra 'Just Walk Away'!

 A photo for illustrative purposes only from 4 years ago!

 All that aside, I was thinking last night how much she has done in the last year and how many photos I have of all her achievements. I love to put lots of journaling on my pages but when I have acquired my photos from facebook I don't know the story behind the photos and in a way that makes me sad. It is all part of her growing up, leaving home for Uni and making a wonderful life for herself. 

When I got home yesterday, at 6pm (that time is important for later on in this story) on the sofa (I didn't get home in time to grab it and cunningly hide it with the rest of my stuff) was a pizza box with an order from ATDML.

 I purchased a little bit of extra stash from their Sale - still on as I type this, and as David was going on a boy's night out, decided that I would eat my supper as soon as I could, throw on my pjs and do a little paper shuffling. So by 9pm I had cooked and eaten supper and used some of the contents of my pizza box. I must add that also in the box was my DT kit for July so I could just honestly say, when I opened my box in front of David -'Oh good it's my DT kit!'  When I read this it makes David sound as though he restricts my purchasing - not at all but I am embarrassed by how often pizza boxes arrive at our home.

The photo I chose was one from Gracia's European tour and I didn't know where it was taken, just a photo I liked. It got me thinking that there is so much of her life that I don't know about. Hence the self indulgent journaling. 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Reasons to be cheerful: 

1. My girl is coming home.  

2. My girl is coming home. 

3. Did I mention, my girl is coming home?



Jo.C said...

Good luck with the no arguing - think I would possibly last a day :0)
Great page - like the journaling. I keep looking at things and thinking I need to involve D in this more and find out what she thought.

Louise said...

your photo made me smile...thats the face mine pull now when i go to kiss them lol!! Enjoy your pizza box and good luck for the summer with DD x

scrappyjacky said...

Absolutely love the page....and I remember feeling the same way when DD1 was at uni.
Good luck with the resolution ....won't be thinks!!

Alison said...

I so empathise with you Karen..there is so much of Kirsty's life that we haven't been involved with, this last three years. You are right though, it is all part of growing up and becoming just seems to have happened all-to-soon!
Alison xx

Amy said...

I think that is one of the things I know I am going to find hard when our kids set off into the world! Love your page, the jouranling is perfect ... good luck with all the other stuff!

Thank you for your post today - I love the layout and the sentiment behind it. It reminds me to treasure the moments I have with my kids. Also appreciate hearing about other moms trying NOT to fight with their daughters. Walking away really does work i think!
Have a safe trip,

Denise said...

What a lovely post today,I can feel the love and anticipation for your girl coming home,and your comment about sneaking Pizza boxes into a hiding place is soooooo familiar! Lovely layout- and lets hope it's a harmonious summer :-) x

Sandie said...

Oh Karen, that is a lovely post, it quite touched me. I love the photo of you & Garcia, posed or not it says a lot and it made me laugh.
That Pizza box sounds jolly exciting, and getting into your pj's to play with the contents even more so. I LOVED the page you came up with.
It is hard when your children start to have separate lives, but it is good Garcia wants to come home as often as she does and that you always have lots of fun together. You deserve to be very proud.

Sian said...

Gosh, has she really done a whole year away? I'm thinking along with you on this one at the moement becasue I just know the next year will disappear here and then my boy will be gone too. But it's reassuring for me to see how Gracia is flourishing :)

Cheri said...

You crack me up Karen. So glad your girl is coming home. Hope you have a totally drama-free summer.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous LO! Thx 4 ur lush comment on my blog x Ur gonna have an ace summer with ur girly back home! Enjoy :)....Pizza box?!?!...what pizza box?!?! lol

sutty said...

Gorgeous page, love your choice of papers and it is a beautiful photo...LOL about the pizza box, I have one on the way and I too am slightly ashamed of the number of boxes that arrive and my DH doesn't mind either :)

sutty said...

Gorgeous page, love your choice of papers and it is a beautiful photo...LOL about the pizza box, I have one on the way and I too am slightly ashamed of the number of boxes that arrive and my DH doesn't mind either :)

Hi Karen ~ I am just now reading this and am wondering how you are doing with your goal of no arguing? I had to laugh, as Carrie and I are the exact same way! Hahaha - we wouldn't last 5 minutes without some sort of squabble. :o)

Your layout is lovely and I have to admit to getting a lump in my throat when I read your journaling. Again, I can relate, but I also want to remind you that no matter where Gracia goes, no matter what she does, you are ALWAYS a part of her story. She is who she is because of YOU, and don't you ever forget that!

I hope you are having a lovely time with your girl G home now. :o) Enjoy!!! xo