Hexing it up!

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 Yesterday was the EK crop and to celebrate the Jubilee I made these 

Photo: Jubilee weekend started :0]
Blueberry and lemon cupcakes with lemon and cream cheese frosting. 

While at the crop I made a layout using hexagons. I drew a template using a compass and was surprised when asked to show how I had done it. I truly believed that every knew how to do it. So in case you don't and as hexagons are so on trend at the moment here is a quick tutorial. 

 1. Draw a circle. Keeping the compass at the same settings put the point of the compass anywhere on the circle and draw two lines that intersect the circle.

2. Put the point of the compass on one of these intersections and draw two more lines.


3.  You will now have four lines and a big gap.  Put the compass on one of the lines next to the gap and draw an intersection line on the circle.  Do the same with the other line next to the gap. 

4.  You should now have six lines even spaced around your circle.

5.  Draw a straight line between the intersection lines and you have your hexagon.  The size of your hexagon (measured between two opposite points) will be the same as your circle e.g if you draw a three inch circle you will get a hexagon that is three inches between two opposite points,.

I am taking a class by Amy Heller over on two peas 

 (Rinda's fault as she posted about a class she was taking which prompted me to take this one which I had been dithering over for a week or so)!

The prompt was to use primary colours on a layout. So this is the layout I made using hexagons. I couldn't work out why the layout didn't sit well with me. I orginally made the page with the hexagons flat sides at the top and bottom but late last night pulled them all off and put them back with corners facing top and bottom and liked it so much better.  Sometimes it's just a tiny detail that makes all the difference.

I also made this one for the class as the second prompt was to use tertiary colours and Amy made a lovely monochrome layout, so I wanted to make one too.

 Then this evening, as I was still in a hexagon mood, I made this quick layout.

I can hear you saying "Surely that can't be one of Karen's pages - it's so flat without a bumpy bit in sight".  I did try to bumpy it up a bit but couldn't find a way that didn't detract from the hexagons so decided to leave it flat.

 Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  That Gracia is happy to do silly things just to make us laugh.

2.  Watching the making of the Jubilee song - such beautiful people from all over the world .

3.  The prospect of a lie in tomorrow.



Amy said...

Hexagons are a really striking shape on a scrap page, I think they work well - great pages Karen!

Jo.C said...

They are beautiful LOs - I don't know which one I like best.
I am a Maths dunce and this started ringing some bells but I didn't know how to create a hexagon template so thank you.
We did have a great time in our early childhood - a few years after that it lost some of that camaraderie in the street but great memories

Alison said...

I don't think I knew that tip about making a hexagon...I probably wasn't listening in Maths that day! I absolutely love the colours you've used in that 2nd LO
Alison xx

Denise said...

I really enjoyed yesterday,and will definitely use the hexagon tip,and I loved the story and layout about the donkbra xx

I love the first hexagon layout. Great colors!

humel said...

Gorgeous pages - and great to see some maths in someone else's blog post today!!

PS I really enjoyed the programme about the making of the Jubilee song last night, too :)

Sandie said...

I like the different style, Karen.
The bold colours really stand out, it's good to try something different sometimes.

Cheri said...

Love your hexagon pages and appreciate the tutorial. I hated geometry!

Louise said...

Karen i had no idea how to use a compass to make a hexagon either. Lovely pages.

Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment a few days ago too x

sutty said...

Gorgeous and well done on all the maths (love the donkey bra story especially :))