123 Off We Go

19:55 Karen 8 Comments

My final contribution to the ATDML challenges was for the 1,2,3 challenge

1 piece of cardstock, 2 pieces of paper (I chose one with lots of different patterned strips) and 3 photographs.  

Also  a mini book class

made using this kit.

So now I am recovering from a busy weekend and getting used to Gracia being away again - holidaying in Malta with her girlies.  It seems no sooner is she back than she is off again.  I love that she is so confident and loves to travel so much - this is her 7th week abroad just under a year!

Now, after this post I vowed to never do Gracia's washing again but when she brought home this much washing (only washing underwear and bedding since Easter) I have had to give in and get it done. 

I still have loads to do but I felt that I would rather get it out of the way than there be a stand off and it not be done.

 This is the pile AFTER I have done 5 machine loads!

Reasons to be cheerful.

1. My girlie is off with her girlies and having fun.

2. The washing pile is slowly diminishing.

3. Off for a lovely walk, with Kiera, to the local garage for a pint of milk.



Sandie said...

I like the idea of one sheet of cardstock, 2 pieces of paper and 3 photos. I do like a challenge and having to think outside the box. Like how you used this. Hope you are working your way through that pile of washing... rather you than me, especially all that ironing after!

Alison said...

Love what you did with the challenge..and I'm thinking my laundry pile will look like that next week!
Alison xx

scrappyjacky said...

Clever to use that type of paper for the challenge.
Wow....does she really have enough clothes to last that long without washing any....I thought my daughter had enough....but G must have her beaten!!!

That mini book is adorable!

Laurie said...

Lovely project...not so lovely washing pile !

debs14 said...

Ha ha, love this post! Sometimes the lack of piles of dirty washing is well worth not having the stand off. Funny how girls who take so much trouble with their appearance seem to have such difficulties with household laundry. Mine is just the same!

Katherine said...

Gorgeous page love those photos and the mini is beautiful :) I have those washing mountains at the weekend....but mine are inescapable unless I train the kids early to do some :D

Lovely layout, and I just LOVE that sweet little minibook!!!

So funny about the laundry. I know you'd rather have her home with a bunch of dirty laundry than to have neither! ;o)