For those who asked .........

19:25 Karen 5 Comments

For those who read this post and asked if Gracia had enough clothes to go from Easter to now without doing any washing I will say YES. 

This is her clean washing (bearing in mind that she is away on a weeks holiday and therefore has another weeks worth of clothes with her)!

So 17 wash loads later I have washed 
42 t-shirts 
25 dresses 
14 jumpers 
12 hoodies 
11 pairs of trousers 
10 assorted pieces of sleepwear 
7 pairs of shorts
 2 skirts 
1 lab coat plus underwear, bedding and towels. 

Reasons to be cheerful 

1. The mammoth washing has been done. 

2. David has tidied Gracia's bedroom. 

3. Our girl returns home tomorrow to tackle her ironing pile :0D 



scrappyjacky said...

I think she's a very lucky girl to have a mum like you....not to mention that amount of clothes....on no account will my daughters be allowed to read this post!!!!!

Alison said...

I know exactly where you are coming from Karen! There are bags of Kirsty's belongings lying in every available corner at the moment...tomorrow is the day we start emptying them, and I'm dreading it!
Alison xx

Louise said...

Oh my that is a serious pile of ironing!! and clothes!

Cheri said...

That sounds about right. My daughters could give Gracia a run for her money. More shorts and pants, less dresses, but ultimately, the pile is just as tall!

Sian said...

After just about finishing up our holiday washing I sat down fdor a read - and this has given me a smile! Er, that's a lot of washing..