A Mum's Advice or Mistakes I have Made.

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This is not the post I originally planned but after reading Sian's post about nostalgia and as I was missing my girl, this is the post I decided on.  :0) 

Several years ago I made a layout with advice for Gracia regarding the things I wished I had done and the things I wished I hadn't.  Hoping that she didn't make the same mistakes. Looking back on this she seems to have listened to most of my advice.

Things I would like you to do:-
  •  Go to live concerts - something I have never done but something she has embraced  wholeheartedly.
  • Travel abroad with your friends - she is on her seventh week abroad in less than a year
  • Believe in yourself and know your strengths - getting into medical school through hard work and self belief
  • Always look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
  • Know the right thing to do and do it - don't listen to what others say.  Also know when it is the wrong thing to do and don't do it - still don't listen to other people.
  • Treasure your friends - they are more important than anything else(including boyfriends) she is off for a week's holiday with Hannah and Sophie whose friendship she values above all others.
  • Do what you want to do and not what others say you should want - Gracia dances to the beat of her own drum at all times.
  • Have at least one child because believe me they will be your greatest blessing and deepest joy - even though I want this to happen some day, I hope it is not for many years yet.
  • Above all else, remember that we will always be here for you no matter how old or how far away you are - I hope she remembers this every day.

Things I hope you don't
  • Hold grudges - say your piece and move on.
  • When you first leave home live nearly 220 miles away - she lives further away than that!
  • Let others live their lives through you.
  • Spend all of your wages (save a little for a rainy day please).
  • Waste time on things that are of no importance.
  • Forget who your real friends are.
  • Let anyone say you can't do something - you can do anything you can put your mind to.
  • Leave the things you want to do until it is too late.
  • Do or say things that you will always regret.
  • Don't ever forget you are our girl and we think you are amazing, beautiful, brilliant and so, so special - I hope she remembers this every day.
This post was brought to you by Sian's Story Telling Sunday series.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Gracia has traveled to places I have only read about.
2.  She is doing all she can to reach her dreams.
3.  She is living life to the full.



Ruth said...

This is such a fabulous idea and you've made a beautiful page to showcase everything.

scrappyjacky said...

Such a wonderful page,Karen....and great advice.

Louise said...

wise words and a lovely page to look back on in years to come x

Oh what a lovely combination of words and papers on that layout (and I like her boots!). I was quite relieved when Princess was lookin at Unis to discover she wasn't looking too far away - and then she mentioned a year in Canada...

debs14 said...

Great advice! I'd love to see Gracia's take on this page. 'Things my mum told me ...' (the bits I listened to and the bits I ignored!)

What a great idea and I am glad you shared those lists this Storytelling Sunday. Your daughter is fortunate to have such a wise mum. It's a wonderful way of recording your closeness.

Kirsty.a said...

What a beautiful idea for a beautiful page

furrypig said...

that is a great page and inspires me to create something similar for my own children thanks xxx

Melissa said...

What a beautiful layout & such well-thought out advice for your daughter. My Grandma always encouraged me to travel and I'm so glad she did.

Becky said...

What a lovely post with great advice for your daughter :-)

Alana said...

Such good advice. I think we always wish for a better life for our children and grand children. We can offer the advice but they have to choose to take it. I'm glad to say that my son usually does too.Great Layout and memories.

Sandie said...

That's a lovely post Karen, and sound words.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful advice and a great looking layout.

Alison said...

Love the page, and the advice Karen.....
Alison xx

Lots of very sound advice, you must be so proud of her. x

Chipper said...

What a lovely idea and layout!

Gem's Crafts said...

Awww such a lovely LO made for your daughter, and very good advice :)

Wanda said...

You gave your daughter some excellent advice--how gratifying it must be to see how she is adapting it to her own life. Good job, you!

Sian said...

Definitely a story worth waiting for! (and a beautiful layout too). I will be showing this to another daughter just as soon as she emerges from her pile of unpacking. You are a wise woman Karen and she's lucky to have you as her Mum!