How Low can you Go?

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I have noticed quite a few of my blog friends joining in with this

So I am entering with this photo - not very good as it was taken in the kitchen with Gracia's phone but it illustrates the difference in height between Josh and Me.  David is a foot taller than I am but Josh is much more and I barely reach his shoulder.

So in this rather flattering photo, this is me pulled up to my full height at 4 foot 11 1/2 inches - not quite 5 foot!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  A three day weekend on the horizon.

2. Off to bed in a minute for a fairly early night.

3. An empty washing basket (for the time being but not for long as Gracia needs to clear the floor of her pit which usually means pick everything up and regardless of whether it is clean or not, put it into the dirty washing pile).



Retrieving it from the Dark Side

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 Last week, I came across this digi layout that I had made a couple of years ago and thought it would quickly transfer into a paper version.  I really liked the composition but as I had scrapped that particular photo several times decided to make a paper version with a different photo and to use a different colour scheme.

I cut a black frame on my Craft Robo (a very ancient silhouette) and that was my starting point.  I then sorted through my photos to find one that would suit the frame and off I went. The photo I chose was one I had taken about 10 years ago.  I have printed it out several times but never scrapped it.  I really don't know why as I do so love her cute little face in it. Just looking at this photo reminds me of the fun we all had out on our Sunday walks or bike rides, in the woods with the dogs.  Don't you just love how a photo can evoke such strong memories.  I think that is why we all love this hobby so much.

Once I had cut and punched out the remaining elements for the page from  7 Gypsies Trousseau papers. I inked all the pieces with Pumice Stone ink.

I thought the background Kraft was too plain and so a few spritzes of watered down white paint and Cosmic Shimmer later I was happy with the result. (I am new to spritzing and spraying, although I have invested in several sprays I am still a little reticent to use them).

I added a few buttons and some Prima Almanac flowers and butterflies - I had a page that was made in an instant as I already had the digital version to copy.

and how fortunate that one of the papers had a shortened version of my Gracia's name printed on it!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Going back to contact lenses for the first time in 20 years and getting them in first try this morning (no red and poked about eyes for me today) :0)

2. Yet another week without arguments - almost blew it yesterday but I did say 'I don't want to argue with you so let it go' and she did!

3.  My poor boy, who has shingles, feels a little better today.



Another Two For Rinda

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A roadside sign and
a church. In fact the church we frequent :0)

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6 Down and Projects

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Hello, hello, hello, hello! If this has popped up on your Google Reader I expect you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief. I know bad blogger award for me. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging I just struggle to find the time but I promise I will try harder.

So first of all my photos so far from Rinda's scavenger hunt.

2. A clothesline (the first of my finds and not a difficult one in view of this post)

9. a fountain (this magnificent specimen is at the local garden center and is the size of a baby elephant.  In winter it looks spectacular when the water gets frozen.

10. A horse (or two) taken while on my daily lunchtime walk.

11. A shadow (taken during a recent family walk)

12. A Maze (spotted whilst watching Alice in Wonderland)

16. A Bride (a fortunate find whilst at a crop in a church hall)

The July ATDML gallery is up and these are my projects. We were given papers from the new Graphic 45 ranges.  I seriously thought I would struggle as I am not the biggest fan of this paper manufacturer but in the end I managed to work through my doubt and made 5 layouts and 2 sets of cards and a folded card!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Sitting in the dining room and listening to the kids chatting, giggling and just having fun in the lounge.

2. It's the weekend.

3. 8 weeks without arguing (I think we are going to make it.) Gracia has grown up so much and I have learnt to stop being so controlling.