6 Down and Projects

20:47 Karen 12 Comments

Hello, hello, hello, hello! If this has popped up on your Google Reader I expect you are rubbing your eyes in disbelief. I know bad blogger award for me. It's not that I don't enjoy blogging I just struggle to find the time but I promise I will try harder.

So first of all my photos so far from Rinda's scavenger hunt.

2. A clothesline (the first of my finds and not a difficult one in view of this post)

9. a fountain (this magnificent specimen is at the local garden center and is the size of a baby elephant.  In winter it looks spectacular when the water gets frozen.

10. A horse (or two) taken while on my daily lunchtime walk.

11. A shadow (taken during a recent family walk)

12. A Maze (spotted whilst watching Alice in Wonderland)

16. A Bride (a fortunate find whilst at a crop in a church hall)

The July ATDML gallery is up and these are my projects. We were given papers from the new Graphic 45 ranges.  I seriously thought I would struggle as I am not the biggest fan of this paper manufacturer but in the end I managed to work through my doubt and made 5 layouts and 2 sets of cards and a folded card!

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. Sitting in the dining room and listening to the kids chatting, giggling and just having fun in the lounge.

2. It's the weekend.

3. 8 weeks without arguing (I think we are going to make it.) Gracia has grown up so much and I have learnt to stop being so controlling.



Cheri said...

love that you are doing instagram(?) pics for the scavenger hunt. Your cards and layouts are gorgeous as always and so glad to hear that you and Gracia are still getting along!

Sandie said...

I love the elephant fountain. That is still on my list.

Karen said...

Sandie - it is at the Birds in the Barn Garden Center!

Jo.C said...

Because you are doing the right stuff like enjoying time with Gracia and obviously getting lots of scrapping done. Great LOs and well caught up on the hunt :0)

Amy said...

Your absence is forgiven with this visual feast - love the fountain!

Welcome back to the blogland and to the hunt! I love the finds, but I really love the layouts, too. The puppy one and the baby portrait, especially.

Louise said...

you look like you have been busy. Gorgeous cards and just love the layouts...especially pretty maids in a row and all those butterfly's.

Alison said...

You really made those papers work Karen..fab cards and LOs! So glad you've enjoyed your time with Gracia at home
Alison xx

Sian said...

Hardly a bad blogger with such a bumper post as this! So much to look at and enjoy. I'm loving whatever filter you used on those photos; it's a lovely effect

Great scavenger hunt finds, Karen! And your layouts are lovely too, as always!

Are your photos Instagram or Hipstamatic? I would love to follow you on Instagram if you are on there... ;o)

scrappyjacky said...

Love what you've made with the Graphic 45.....I actually love their papers.....but find them very hard to use in scrapbooking....they are much better for cards and altered items I find....but you've managed some beautiful pages.

Melissa said...

Great photos for the scavenger hunt - how lucky to catch the bride! Your layouts & cards are fabulous - I especially like that folded card.