Mission Accomplished

20:12 Karen 8 Comments

Yep - we have managed 13 weeks together and not one serious argument, only one time when I had to walk away and only one time when I had to say 'Let's drop it'. Our lovely girl has gone back to Newcastle and once again I am missing her so much.

On Sunday we took her to the station and off she went back to Newcastle. 

I sometimes wonder if we should have had more scraps so that I would be relieved when she returned to Newcastle! 

Our final week was spent at Center Parcs as a little holiday treat for the four of us. We had a fabulous time doing things as a family, Gracia and Josh, David and I doing things together, David and Josh, Gracia and I doing things together. We swam, played badminton, went 10 pin bowling, walked Kiera (yes she came too - it was a family holiday) went to the gymnasium, played crazy golf and so many other things.  

 At the moment they do not have internet at their house so we can't Skype so this is my saving grace.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. A holiday where we got to know Josh better, David and Josh built on their friendship and I think David now knows what it would be like to have a son.  I have to say that I have never seen such competition when they were playing any and every sport! Is it a boy thing?

2. 13 weeks of peace with my gorgeous girl.

3. The prospect of seeing Gracia very soon.



Teriffic Teal Tootsies

22:09 Karen 9 Comments

Sept 3rd

On my Monday lunchtime walk I managed the fastest mile ever, on Tuesday I walked a mile in 13 mins and 59 secs - even faster!

Sept 4th

 I finally got round to painting my toenails teal after reading Debs post.

Sept 5th

 When I got home from work, Gracia had done a pile of ironing!

So keeping up so far.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  A day off to tidy the house
2.  An evening chilling with David
3.  Taking Gracia for breakfast.



Learn Something New Day 1 & 2

21:44 Karen 4 Comments

A very quick post because time is running away with me today! 

Sept 1st

I spent the day with the girls at the crop and had such a lovely time. The class that Sandie taught was awesome (more about that in another post) and the company the best. I relearnt that this is my favourite way to spend a Saturday. 

Sept 2nd 

Gracia and I decided to go into town to do some shopping and for the first time I took her for a pub lunch (I always forget that she is over 18, in fact she is 19). I realised for the first time that lunch in a pub was an option for us and one that I will certainly do again. 

Reasons to be cheerful: 

1. The VAT is paid, the bills are paid, the banking is done and the statements are waiting to be posted - the joys of a husband who has his own business! 

2. A beautiful walk in the sunshine at lunchtime - this will feature in tomorrow's learn something new tomorrow. 

 3. An hour to get some studying done before I go to bed (more about that later in the week). 



Who Can Tell What's Around The Corner?

07:07 Karen 22 Comments

There have been many times this month that I have been grateful for my little family. I am so glad that peace and harmony have settled over our household and so far Gracia and I have managed the whole of her summer break without cross words.

David has been poorly for the last few weeks and he doesn't complain, doesn't use it as an excuse to dodge doing things and just gets on with it. I have come to realise how grateful I am to have him in my life and how all the good things that have happened in the last 28 years have mostly been down to him.

I remembered one of my very early scrapbook pages (2007) and so will let it tell my Story Telling Sunday tale for today.

And they lived happily ever after.

Reason to be cheerful

Only one today and it is that this man loves me almost as much as I love him .



Are you learning something new?

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Well, September 1st has certainly sneaked up on me quickly this year. Who stole June, July and August then? 

I thought I was being so organised when I started to make my book for 2012 LSNED in July. I started it I covered a ring binder that was meant to be used for Sainsburys recipe cards. I ordered a pad of Cosmo Cricket Tea for Two, cut out and punched the pages. Used my trusty Craft Robo to cut out shapes from pages of a dictionary and circles and shapes from the Tea for Two and purchased some co-ordinating buttons. I printed out some journaling cards and put them all in a bag.

That was a far as I got until I realised that today was the day.  Fortunately I had everything to hand to make the page today and so at the crop I put together the first page ready for the journaling and photo.
Reasons to be cheerful:-

1.  Spending the day with such a great bunch of girls.

2.  Having supper cooked for me when I got home.

3.  Raspberry Cupcakes yum!

 Finally, today's prompt from Shimelle

My name is Karen and today is the first of September 2012. The last big adventure of my life would probably be when I went to a garden party at Buckingham Palace.