Teriffic Teal Tootsies

22:09 Karen 9 Comments

Sept 3rd

On my Monday lunchtime walk I managed the fastest mile ever, on Tuesday I walked a mile in 13 mins and 59 secs - even faster!

Sept 4th

 I finally got round to painting my toenails teal after reading Debs post.

Sept 5th

 When I got home from work, Gracia had done a pile of ironing!

So keeping up so far.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  A day off to tidy the house
2.  An evening chilling with David
3.  Taking Gracia for breakfast.



Jo.C said...

Now if D had done a pile of ironing it would have been more than a pleasant surprise. I think I would have done cartwheels (if I were younger, fitter and thinner)

Amy said...

I am so impressed with day five - what a sight to see!

humel said...

They are reasons to be cheerful indeed :)

I hate my feet too, but maybe I should paint my toenails teal now that you've set me the example... I do wear my teal wristband often though!

So awesome! I'm okay with my feet, mainly because I love my legs.

Becca said...

It's nice to pamper our toes every now & then, good reward for helping you get faster on your walks :)

Ah! Karen! Thank you so much for joining me in teal toes for September. Oh, this makes me so happy! :o) Your toes look really cute. I usually stick with pink or red for my toes, but I'm finding that I actually love the color I'm sporting right now. I won't mind it at all for the month of September, and may even carry it into October...

debs14 said...

I really ought to try and track down some teal polish to join in too. However, after an unfortunate incident last week - I only have nine and a half toenails to paint instead of ten :-( Ouch!
If Gracia gets bored, please send her down here to help with my ironing too!

Denise said...

I need to find some teal polish too - what a fab idea... definite reasons to be cheerful too x

Alison said...

Love how you're doing LSNED Karen...am off to see if Kirsty has any teal nail polish while I remember!
Alison xx