Who Can Tell What's Around The Corner?

07:07 Karen 22 Comments

There have been many times this month that I have been grateful for my little family. I am so glad that peace and harmony have settled over our household and so far Gracia and I have managed the whole of her summer break without cross words.

David has been poorly for the last few weeks and he doesn't complain, doesn't use it as an excuse to dodge doing things and just gets on with it. I have come to realise how grateful I am to have him in my life and how all the good things that have happened in the last 28 years have mostly been down to him.

I remembered one of my very early scrapbook pages (2007) and so will let it tell my Story Telling Sunday tale for today.

And they lived happily ever after.

Reason to be cheerful

Only one today and it is that this man loves me almost as much as I love him .



Amy said...

Karen, your layout is quite moving; I hope David is well again soon.

Jane said...

a lovely story, so pleased you found him.

scrappyjacky said...

What a wonderful tribute to him,Karen,

Jo.C said...

This is such a special page. I hope he is better soon x

Oh that is a lovely page - so glad that you realize that you are indeed worthy. Hope David is feeling better soon.

Miss Smith said...

I'm so glad you found each other! This is an incredibly moving story, thank you for sharing it.

What a wonderful way to document your lovely husband. Hope his health improves soon. Irene

Sian said...

Karen, I'm sorry to hear this..

One of the things about Storytelling Sunday which feels like such a privilege to me is that it lets us actually put into words something we've been thinking about and then when we share it it feels good. If that makes sense? anyway, it's a privilege to read your story today

debs14 said...

So sorry to hear that David is poorly and hope that he is soon back on the road to recovery. Anyone who has met you will know how much you love your man and he really was your knight in shining armour. How lucky you both were to find each other.

Alison said...

I have just come from Deb Turtle's story with tears in my eyes..and they have welled up all over again...how lovely that you were 'rescued' and that you have ended up having the life you deserve..hope the shingles are starting to clear up!
Alison xx

What a moving story featured so eloquently in your LO Karen. I'm sorry to hear your husband is poorly and hoping he is better soon. I have a feeling you could have left the word 'almost' out of your final sentence x

Abi said...

Beautiful page and story. He must feel very loved.

Mel said...

What a sweet layout and a brilliant tribute to him!

Oh, I love this, Karen. It's cool to see how your scrapbooking style has changed, but your journaling on this page is so heartfelt and lovely. I hope your David is feeling well again soon! xo

Jennie Hart said...

Wow, what a gorgeous story. I hope your husband feels better soon.

Wonderful story and such a lovely page. I hope he is doing better soon.

Cheri said...

What a beautiful story Karen! So glad you found each other.

Elizabeth said...

Great story. Isn't it wonderful how love can change a life?

Sandie said...

That is so touching, Karen.
How your scrap pages have changed over the years, and it is good that you have that one to look back on.
Hope David is feeling better soon.

Valerie said...

What a beautiful story. Hope David is feeling better soon.

Beautiful that you live conscious of your love for him and appreciation of him. Most people, unfortunately, dont realise what thy have until it is too late.

What a sweet story, I'm glad you found someone to be so happy with. I love the layout too, especially the way the title bends around the corner! x