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In honor of a very special lady 
first posted on Marti's birthday in 2011
I never thought I would have a blog and resisted for quite a long time. I started my blog when my father was alive as a way for him and mum to keep up with the day to day goings on of our little family. Of course, he wasn't interested in my craft projects but when I visited my parents I would often see photographs (always of Gracia) that he had snaffled off my blog, on display in his home office. Gracia is my mum's only grandchild and as they live nearly 200 miles from us, blogging was an easy way to keep them up to date with our lives. I could blog at a convenient time to me and they could read it at a convenient time for them.

Please note that mum doesn't really have a white mustache that is just a light flash on the glass of the frame but if it really was a mustache it would be a pretty impressive one - for those of us above a certain age I only need to say Jimmy Edwards for them to know exactly what I mean!

But through blogging, I have discovered some amazing and talented women, inspirational crafters, inspirational mothers, inspirational story tellers and also made some genuine friendships. Although these friends live many miles away they are still friends. We sometimes email, often comment on each others blogs, have skyped and last week I received a little supportive postcard.

One such friend is Deb.
Earlier this year her mom, Marti, was diagnosed with cancer. How can you support a friend who lives thousands of miles away? Deb, being the ingenious woman that she is, came up with the idea that if you wished you could wear a teal wrist band in support of Marti. Of course, I signed up for the wrist band and it came in the post with a letter asking all who received a band to post or facebook a photo of the band or you wearing the band on Marti's birthday - the 29th April 2011.
This layout is square and the journaling strips are straight in real life!
So here is my post and a layout I made in celebration of our friendship and of Marti's courageous fight.

I wear my teal band all the time and am so proud to be an international member of Deb's Team Teal.

So, if you are reading this, please take a moment out of your busy life to say a little prayer for Marti and her family so that positive thoughts come to her from all over the world.

Sadly Marti passed away yesterday.  Deb and Carrie my best wishes and heartfelt prayers are crossing the miles to be with you.



humel said...

Oh Karen, what a lovely way to post a tribute to Marti and support for Deb and Carrie. I'm wearing my wristband right now x

Ruth said...

A beautiful post. x

Cheri said...

this was a beautiful post back then Karen and is a very fitting tribute today.

furrypig said...

another lovely tribute and so well written xxx

Just perfect.
Thanks for sharing this (again).

scrappyjacky said...

A beautiful post,Karen.

Denise said...

No words needed x x xx

Amy said...

I enjoyed this post originally Karen, it's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect post for this time.

debs14 said...


Alison said...

Lovely post took me a long time to join the blogging world, but I wouldn't be without this wonderful community now!
Alison xx

This was such a good idea to repost this, Karen. I loved revisiting it, and had totally forgotten how you put my sweet little PaperTurtle on your layout. LOVE that!

Thanks for being such a sweet support for my mom during her battle with cancer, and also for me as I learn to live life without her. You are such a dear friend! xo