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07:37 Karen 11 Comments

It's 6:46am and I have been up a while. The first thing I do is check my phone and yes the message I wanted to see was there. 

I note the time - 4:19 and think 'That girl must must really love us' to catch a train at that time means she must have been up for at least an hour and has a 5 hour train journey ahead.  I text her back and secretly hug myself at the thought of having her home for the weekend.  I think about the plans I have made and remind myself that they may not fit in with what she has in mind.  

I make a cup of tea and take one up to David, who is still dozing in bed, tell him that she is safely on the train and return downstairs for my cup of tea.  I look with amazement at the state of the dining room table - covered with paper, punches, ribbon and card which have been left out after last night's little scrapping session.  I remember that I must try to get another couple of layouts done for ATDML.  As I sip my tea I check my emails and notice that I have a very welcome one from a friend about coming to the UK in the spring.  I dash off a quick reply. 

There is just a little time for blog hopping and see that Alison has posted for Alexa's Simply a moment.  I decide to quickly join in and rattle off this post. 

I must get on so I sigh deeply, rememeber that soon I will have her safely wrapped in my arms and get ready to start the day.  

My little mornings of solitude are the perfect way to get started every day.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Our beautiful bright shining star is home for the weekend.

2. I have lots planned, including going out for pizza tonight.

3. Only another 2 hours to wait.



Sue Jones said...

Enjoy your weekend :) will see you soon am coming to Atdml just for the day though xx

Karen said...

Fab - look forward to seeing you x

Denise said...

Have a lovely weekend with your girl- not long now till ATDML x

humel said...

That's wonderful, Karen :) She'll be with you by now - hope you're having a lovely weekend together! xx

Alison said...

That WAS an early start for your girl.....enjoy your weekend with her!
Alison xx

What a wonderful moment shared. Glad you joined in. I find this a really quick post to do and one I really enjoy.

Sian said...

Wow, that's one early start! Enjoy your weekend.

Sandie said...

Hope you are having a lovely weekend and finished your ATDML pages x

Becca said...

Have a lovely weekend with your girlie Karen x

scrappyjacky said...

I hope you've had a lovely weekend with her.

Louise said...

a lovely read! look forward to reading this months too x