A Post of Two Halves

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 Monday 19th November

Too much to do and not enough time. This working malarkey really gets in the way of all the things I want to do and at the moment finding time to blog is not high on my agenda :0(

This is just a very quick post to show you some of the beautiful classes I took at ATDML retreat.  They have not been edited as I am still having issues with my laptop, going back to the pc hospital tomorrow, but I hope they are good enough to give you some idea of how lovely the classes were.

First up was this class, I have to admit that I brought the kit as I didn't get to the retreat until later on Friday and the class had already been taught.  So this is my version of Debbie's version of Dawn's class - long story!

On Friday evening,  I also took a class designed by Debbie Jewell, which involved alcohol inks and stamping onto mold-able film. 

I must confess that the colours I used for the alcohol inks were determined by which ones had clean bottles and would not get ink on my hands - I know I am very ocd about that sort of things and it takes a lot of deep breathing before I can even think about using messy stuff.  I loved the class and the results but not the messy hands I ended up with!

Sunday 24th November

Well I have my laptop back with almost all of the issues fixed.  I still don't have a working dvd drive and hence no Photoshop elements at the moment, as this virus messed up my installed programmes,  so only able to edit photos on my phone using Instagram!  Apologies to all the authors of all the lovely blogs that I follow as I have had to mark all your recent posts as read due to the huge build up of posts due to lack of computer.  I will start again today and try to keep up to date.  

At the retreat we were all given a mystery kit and this is the layout I made with mine. The photo is when the kids drew eyebrows on Kiera - that dog will let anyone do whatever they like to her!

Don't you just love the look she is giving me! I can almost hear her saying "Well, do I look beautiful now?"

Reasons to be cheerful:

1.  Only three more weeks and my girl is home.

2. David's work is up to date which means I can concentrate on getting ready for the big Christmas Crop (a few places left  - see below).

3.  Hopefully, I can find little time to get some crafting done in the week.

Hope your week is a splendid one.

Note - I have a couple of places left at my Christmas Crop in Colchester so if you are in driving distance and would like to come please email me on eclectickeepsakes@btinternet.com for more details or look on UKS



The Big Difference!

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Well, lovely blog readers, I am back in the world of cyberspace and it's no thanks to the mean and cunning scareware inventors!   

I have spent the most sublime weekend at Stoke by Nayland Golf Club at the ATDML retreat, chatting, cropping, taking classes, teaching classes and just having some wonderful time with friends - old and new.

I have pinched this photo from Denise's blog but it shows my old and new friends.

I met Katherine and took one of her classes - what a lovely and talented lady.

I will blog the pages I made at the weekend once I am about with my camera and there is sufficient light, sufficient time and I have the actual layouts with me.  I never seem to be able to get all the four necessities together at the same time at the moment.

But I will leave you with photos of the class I taught last weekend.  It was made from just two pieces of paper and a set of stickers plus various office supplies.  I also took a couple of typewriters into the class so that the ladies could type their journaling. The class focused on using normal stationery products such as post it notes, labels, staples and page reinforcers on your layouts.  My two pages also illustrated the big difference between how boy's like to play and how girl's like to play!

A gentle girl version

 about the companionship of girls baking.


A frantic boy version

 about competitiveness of boys playing sport.

Reasons to be cheerful:

1. After her first exam Gracia is making up for lost time in the partying stakes.

2. I have a fully working laptop once again (well almost - my Photoshop Elements is still hidden so I will have to take it back to the laptop Dr to get it retrieved).

3. It is almost the weekend and it is my crop weekend.  I have projects from the retreat to finish, no crop kits to pack and have already decided what cupcakes to bake so tomorrow may prove to be less frantic than the usual pre crop Friday.

p.s.  If you like my class enough to want to make one yourself I believe that ATDML may have some spare kits.  Email Jill at  
and I am sure she will be able to help you.



Darn it!

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This is just a very quick post to say that some mean ****** has put a virus onto my laptop and so until I can get it fixed,  hopefully today, but no guarantee, I won't be commenting on blogs  :0(

Hope to be back with you soon as I have so much to show and tell from the ATDML weekend away.